Monday, August 19, 2019


Jimmy Bowskill

The Sheepdogs’ Jimmy Bowskill tells us why we should never stop practising

The Canadian guitar-slinger tells us about his love of British amps, his reluctance to use effects, and why learning different instruments can make you a better player.
Modern Nature walking in wheat field

“The start of the album is tense but by the end it feels like...

Modern Nature presents a new, collaborative artistic outlet for the prolific Jack Cooper, formerly of Ultimate Painting.
Whitney Julien Ehrlich Max Kakacek

“It’s all about constraint”: Whitney’s Max Kakacek on the guitar’s role in their music

Also, learn how Jack White inspired this guitarist to pick up slide guitar.
fuchs circuit board blackjack

How Andy Fuchs went from basement builder to boutique big-hitter

He's one of the world’s premier names in the boutique-amp business – and here, he explains how his operation grew and tells us what’s on the drawing board for Fuchs Audio Technology.

Your next guitar could be about to become significantly more expensive

How Trump's trade war with China and a no-deal Brexit could have a major impact on the guitar industry, and push up prices for the consumer.
Michael Swart of Swart Amplification

“We’ve always been about less-is-more”: Michael Swart’s amps are retro-modern works of art

The amp maker has earned a reputation for creating hand-made guitar amplifiers of style and substance. Find out more about the origins of the brand from the man himself.
Feeder Grant Nicholas posing with Jazzmaster in front of door

Feeder’s Grant Nicholas can’t live without his vintage Jazzmasters

The Welsh Jazzmaster fanatic tells us about the guitars he’s loved and lost, Feeder’s most embarrassing onstage moments, and his vintage gear obsessions.
Becos CompIQ Pro Stella Compressor style shot on table

“Honey, I shrunk the rack”: Costel Burlan of BecosFX on the magic behind his...

We meet Costel Barac, the Romanian pedal guru behind BecosFX to find out how he got into the pedal-building game, how he came up with the Stella and what makes his compressor so special.
Lari Basilio Press Image pink background

“I reinvent myself with each song”: guitarist Lari Basilio on her genre-hopping musical evolution

The Brazillian instrumental-guitar maestro on her varied inspirations, sharing her knowledge with others and working with Joe Satriani on her new album.

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