“It was a massive learning experience”: Walrus Audio on developing an amp sim and the future of the Mako range

Walrus’ Colt Westbrook and Jason Stulce give us the lowdown on the future of the Mako range, why they don’t want to be like Tesla, and why they’ll never stop making pedals that “are simple and sound great”.

How Kevin Shields and My Bloody Valentine changed the course of guitar playing forever

Back in the late 80s, My Bloody Valentine revolutionised many players’ ideas of what a guitar sounded like. It was a mix of borrowed gear, happy accidents and “sound as an infinite horizon”… and still sounds awesome.

My Bloody Valentine, Kevin Shields and me: recording guitar with a shoegaze icon

Guitar.com’s Huw Price was a studio engineer for My Bloody Valentine during their early 90s pomp: with the band’s hugely influential back catalogue finally available on streaming platforms, he looks back at the unique experience working with the Sultans Of Shoegaze.

Introducing… Katy Kirby, the Texan songwriter approaching indie-rock with a clean slate

Kirby’s evangelical Christian upbringing meant she grew up without many of the pop touchstones the rest of us take for granted, but it also means the guitarist’s debut album comes from a place unburdened by its baggage.

Maker’s Marks: Beyond the Filter’tron

Though Ray Butts is probably best known for inventing the Filter’Tron, his EchoSonic amplifier had a seismic impact on 1950s pop music, and the innovations didn’t end there.

Barry Grzebik of Grez Guitars: “Making guitars is not where you go to make a fabulous living. It’s where you go because you’re enjoying...

A successful career in sound-system design and acoustical engineering might seem the long way round into guitar making. But it all kinda’ makes sense when high-end electric and flat-top acoustic instruments are the goal.

Josh Scott explains why he made a musical about effects pedals… and why he’s just getting started

The JHS Pedals founder explains how Pedals: The Musical was a labour of love, why this is just the start for his guitar-related productions, and just how they turned actors into singing, dancing stompboxes…