Monday, October 14, 2019


Lightning Dust Amber Webber Josh Wells Spectre album

Lightning Dust break down five songs from their new album, Spectre

Amber Webber and Josh Wells talk the making of their fourth record.
Cory Wong

“Everybody wants to be a lead player, but if you’re a working musician, 95...

The Vulfpeck guitarist on his ‘covert chops’, why he can’t eat chocolate cake all day – and his latest solo album, Motivational Music For The Syncopated Soul.

Watch: Ariel Posen on the secrets of slide guitar

He also talks about his new guitar built by Mule Resophonic.

Bryan Beller breaks down the artist cameos on Scenes From The Flood

The bassist pulled in everyone from Guthrie Govan and Joe Satriani to Mike Dawes and John Petrucci to help him create Scenes From The Flood.

The Aristocrats bassist Bryan Beller on his ambitious new solo album

The bassist on the logistical and technical achievement that is his brand-new Floyd and NIN-influenced double-concept solo album, Scenes From The Flood.
Marissa Paternoster

Screaming Females’ Marissa Paternoster revisits her formative guitar influences on Singles Too

The G&L-toting guitarist on the awkward experience of confronting her early riffs, ditching effects pedals, and keeping her options open.

Opeth’s Fredrik Åkesson dissects his favourite guitar solos on In Cauda Venenum

The Swedish metal maestro reveals why Opeth chose to include jazz chord changes and offset Fenders on the band’s 13th studio album.
steve grindrod

Legendary Marshall and Vox amp designer Steve Grindrod’s lifelong quest to craft the perfect...

We talk to one of the industry’s most experienced engineers to find out what life was like at the cutting edge of British valve amplification – and what he plans to do next.
The Night Café

“The whole album is one big piece of art”: The Night Café on new...

Guitarists Sean and Josh reveal the process of developing from a “little indie band” to writing an 18-track debut LP.
Ezra Furman Twelve Nudes

Ezra Furman breaks down five songs from his new album, Twelve Nudes

“Sometimes a song just shows up, makes clear demands, and you just do what it tells you to do.”

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