Tuesday, July 23, 2019


PRS Guitars factory

Is Gibson vs Dean a serious case of déjà vu?

Back in the 2000s, Gibson and PRS went toe-to-toe over the Singlecut’s apparent similarities to the Les Paul. Here’s what happened.
Bones UK Carmen Vandenberg Rosie Bone

From Jeff Beck to industrial rock, Bones UK savour six-string diversity

The London-bred duo went from playing to a crowd of 10, to collaborating with Jeff Beck, to finding their sweet spot between industrial rock, electronic pop and blues.
Mary Spender with blue guitar on stage smiling

Mary Spender says you should always be the worst guitar player in the room

The guitarist and YouTube star on backstage boxing, miniature monuments and why you should be the worst guitarist in the room.
Liam Jeffery's pedalboard top shot

Your Board: Liam Jeffery’s well-heeled classic rock pedalboard

Based in Birmingham, UK, this reader shares his fondness for big, robust sounds.
Night Owl Industries tube amp

“Vintage manuals were often the easiest to understand”: Night Owl Industries’ Seth The Builder

The story of the NY State boutique effects and amp builder in the words of the company’s founder.

Watch: Aynsley Lister’s signature Rift amp is a tone machine

The bluesman tells us why it blends the sound of two classic amplifiers.
Fender tweed Deluxe amp on white floorboards

You Ask: What do I look out for when acquiring a tweed amp?

We guide this reader on the road to tweed.
Edwyn Collins

“I can still play the guitar crudely”: Edwyn Collins on surviving two strokes

The Scottish songwriter is back with a new album, a replica of his notorious fuzz pedal and a purpose-built studio filled with vintage guitars.

Take a look inside ATB Guitars’ vintage treasure trove

It's quickly becoming one of the UK's best vintage guitar shops.
The Amazons press shot against plain background

The Amazons’ second album is a timely reminder of the importance of rock ’n’...

Chris Alderton, The Amazons’ six-string aficionado, picks his five guitar highlights from the Reading rockers’ critically acclaimed new album Future Dust.

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