Thursday, September 19, 2019


richard hawley fender telecaster vintagevideo

“This guitar was used by Bob Dylan”: Richard Hawley on his 1969/1970 Telecaster

The third instalment of this series features an incredible 1969/1970 Telecaster and Fender Super-Sonic.
vagabon Laetitia Tamko

Meet Vagabon, engineering student and self-taught guitarist turned rising indie star

Multi-instrumentalist Laetitia Tamko chats with us ahead of the release of her self-titled sophomore album.
Noveller Sarah Lipstate

Sarah Lipstate aka Noveller brings her moody soundscapes to Iggy Pop’s new album

The Los Angeles-based instrumentalist talks the process behind Pop’s new record, putting together the perfect pedalboard and pushing the boundaries of what a guitar can do.
joe bonamassa les paul

Joe Bonamassa shares his top tips for buying vintage guitars

If you want to know something about buying vintage guitars, there are few better people to ask than Joe Bonamassa – so that’s exactly what we did. Writing exclusively for, Joe gives us his top tips for buying vintage.
guitar center hollywood

Rare Fenders and Gibsons from Guitar Center Hollywood’s overhauled vintage-guitar department

Following an extensive overhaul, Guitar Center’s Hollywood location may have a new look, but what really matters hasn’t changed a bit. We check out some jewels from the vintage room.
rotosound factory jason how

Inside the Rotosound factory, a UK guitar-strings maker with decades of heritage

Rotosound chairman Jason How shows us around the string company’s factory in Sevenoaks and talks about the past, present and future for the British brand.
T-Bone Walker Gibson 1949 ES-5 style shot pictured against Fender amp

This 1949 Gibson ES-5 once belonged to T-Bone Walker

Loaded with three P-90s, this beauty has a storied history.
vintage gibson les paul

Do vintage electric guitars really sound better with age?

Are the superior sonics commonly attributed to vintage electric guitars a happy consequence of the ageing process, or did golden-era instruments always sound that way?
Modern Nature walking in wheat field

Modern Nature’s Jack Cooper reveals his top five tracks on How To Live

The former Ultimate Painting member and architect behind Modern Nature and talks us through his favourite excerpts.
Jedd Hughes promo

“I had an artistic statement to make”: Jedd Hughes steps back into the spotlight

The Aussie guitarist’s upcoming album clears up any preconceived notions about his music.

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