Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Gear Of The Year 2016 – Best Acoustic Guitar

Small, parlour-sized bodies, slot headstocks and Depression Era cosmetics have been major trends in the acoustic guitar world during the last 12 months and show no sign of going away any time soon. Likewise torrefaction.

Gear Of The Year 2016 – Best Effects

Two types of pedal dominate this year: drive and ambience.

Gear Of The Year 2016 – Best Bass Product

From boutique retro four-strings to affordable and credible-sounding small amplifiers, bassists have had a very good 2016 indeed. Here’s our pick of the bunch for lovers of all things bass…

Gear Of The Year 2016 – Best Accessory

We played a LOT of great pickups this year, three of which make the list. Pickups remain a hugely subjective area, but the Bad Cat Unleash’s ability to make a loud amp quieter or a quiet amp louder, all the while preserving tonal quality, really struck a chord…

Talkin’ Shop: Heistercamp Guitar Straps

Hand-made in the heart of the Devon countryside by a business with five generations of experience, Heistercamp leather straps are appearing over the shoulders of increasing numbers of guitarists. G&B meets the family…

Aleks Sever’s 10 Top Tips for Composing Your Own Music

Croatian-born guitarist and composer Aleks Sever is a virtuoso rock, funk, jazz and hip-hop player who grew up in Germany. Her latest album, Extravagant, was released in November. Here, she shares 10 tips for composing better songs.

Interview: Killswitch Engage’s Joel Stroetzel

Joel Stroetzel, the rhythm powerhouse from Massachusetts metalcore outfit Killswitch Engage holds court.

The Money Shot: Teye Super-Coyote

Inspired by the outlandish designs of his late friend Tony Zemaitis, the Teye Super-Coyote was conceived by Dutch boutique builder Teye Winterp.

Talking ‘Shop: Little By Little – B&G Guitars

G&B travels to Israel to find out how boutique guitar builder B&G Guitars made the transition from producing a few instruments a year to 30 per month without losing its handmade charm and character.

Artist Collection: Maxi Jazz

Faithless vocalist turned E-Type Boys band leader Maxi Jazz has built up a collection of fine guitars, gathered from all corners of the globe. Gary Walker gets a private tour.

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