Monday, July 22, 2019


Interview: Richard Hawley – Hollow Meadows

After a turbulent period that saw Richard Hawley questioning whether he’d play live again, one of the UK’s finest songwriters and owner of a guitar collection to make grown men weep with envy returns triumphant with new album Hollow Meadows…

Interview: Mark Flanagan – Jools Holland’s guitarist

An encounter with Jools Holland led Mark Flanagan into a remarkable career as part of the TV star’s Rhythm and Blues Orchestra, playing alongside some true musical greats…

Gear Of The Year 2015 – Best Electric Guitar Over £1000

Must-try electrics that stole our hearts in 2015…

Interview: Aidan Knight

Canadian singer-songwriter with a little help from his friends.

Gear Of The Year 2015 – Best Amplifier over £1000

Here’s 2015’s best in hot glass…

Gear Of The Year 2015 – Best Electric Guitar Under £1000

There’s never been a better time to add 12-string sparkle or inspiring hollowbody tones to your arsenal…

Gear Of The Year 2015 – Best Amplifiers Under £1000

It’s no surprise that the popularity explosion in the effects industry has created a demand for amplifiers that play nicely with your pedalboard.

Gear Of The Year 2015 – Best Effects

Five of our favourite stompboxes of the year.

Gear Of The Year 2015 – Best Acoustic Guitar

Our picks of the best acoustics this year…

Gear Of The Year 2015 – Best Bass Guitar

The best basses we encountered this year…

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