Thursday, November 14, 2019


Interview: Killswitch Engage’s Joel Stroetzel

Joel Stroetzel, the rhythm powerhouse from Massachusetts metalcore outfit Killswitch Engage holds court.

The Money Shot: Teye Super-Coyote

Inspired by the outlandish designs of his late friend Tony Zemaitis, the Teye Super-Coyote was conceived by Dutch boutique builder Teye Winterp.

Talking ‘Shop: Little By Little – B&G Guitars

G&B travels to Israel to find out how boutique guitar builder B&G Guitars made the transition from producing a few instruments a year to 30 per month without losing its handmade charm and character.

Artist Collection: Maxi Jazz

Faithless vocalist turned E-Type Boys band leader Maxi Jazz has built up a collection of fine guitars, gathered from all corners of the globe. Gary Walker gets a private tour.

The Money Shot: Crimson Guitars Custom Shop PAF Hollow Copper

Crimson Guitars is based in an old dairy in rural Dorset. Headed up by Master Luthier Ben Crowe, the company specialises in unique distressed finishes and has racked up 14 years in the game, building instruments for the likes of Robert Fripp and Goldfrapp bassist Charlie Jones along the way.

Interview: Graveyard’s Jonatan Ramm

The guitarist from bluesy Swedish hard-rockers Graveyard on six-strings, influences and unreliable vehicles…

Interview: James Bay & his Epiphone Century

British singer-songwriter James Bay has enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame, with his debut album entering the UK charts at Number One and going double platinum. He tells G&B how he did it, where he’s going next, and how his 1966 Epiphone Century was nearly the one that got away…

Interview: John McLaughlin on how he got started

G&B hears how serendipity played its part in propelling John McLaughlin’s career into the musical stratosphere, alongside legends such as Miles Davis, Jimmy Page and Ginger Baker.

Private Collection: Bill Tonkin

Bill Tonkin is a die-hard Beatles fan who plays the part of George Harrison in a Fab Four tribute band. Lars Mullen takes a look at his George-influenced collection…

Artist Collection: Brian May’s AC30-powered Queen Backline Up Close

Granted exclusive access to Brian May’s stunning collection of Vox AC30s, G&B goes where no guitar mag has been before to find out what it takes to keep Brian’s amps operational on the road, why they’re now more reliable than ever and just why the Queen guitarist will never use anything else…

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