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New electric guitars February 2018

New electric and acoustic guitars: February 2018

Our favorite new guitar announcements, releases and rumors from January to February 2018.

Six Of The Best: Sci-Fi Effects Pedals

A sextet of futuristic-sounding effects pedals that will either propel your guitar to a new frontier of sonic possibility or make it sound like a deranged robot…
Fender Stratocaster pickups single-coil

Four best Stratocaster pickups

Here are four of the best aftermarket Stratocaster single-coils.

Six Of The Best: Function Band Essentials

Whether you’re doing it for a giggle or looking to set up a second income, if you’re a guitarist in a function band, you need to take care of the essentials…
PAF humbucker gibson les paul

Four best PAF pickups

If you're after accurately vintage-spec'ed PAFs, check out our picks of the best examples out there.
P-90 es-335 gibson

Four best P-90 pickups

Introducing a quartet of P-90 pickups that are faithful to vintage specs.

Six Of The Best – Home Recording Essentials

The home recording revolution has made it possible to get pro-level results on a shoestring budget. Here are some great options to get you started…

Six Of The Best – Acoustic Pickups

Getting a good live acoustic sound – using either a pickup, a mic or a combination of the two – is a tricky business. Here are six solutions.
Electric guitar amplifier panel control

Four best attenuators for electric guitar amplifiers

Have a monster of an amp stack at home but can't crank it? Pick up one of these attenuators.

Six of the best – Low-Power Valve Gigging Combos

While the sound of a 100-watt valve amp at full tilt is a uniquely thrilling experience, it’s rarely practical. Meet six great, low-power valve combos.

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