Sunday, March 24, 2019

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The 20 Best FX Pedals In The World Today

From boxes of noise to faithful re-creations of iconic vintage units, the world of stompboxes has never been more exciting. These are our picks of the top 20 pedals you can get your hands on today.
Fender Stratocaster pickups single-coil

Four best Stratocaster pickups

Here are four of the best aftermarket Stratocaster single-coils.

Six Of The Best: Function Band Essentials

Whether you’re doing it for a giggle or looking to set up a second income, if you’re a guitarist in a function band, you need to take care of the essentials…
PAF humbucker gibson les paul

Four best PAF pickups

If you're after accurately vintage-spec'ed PAFs, check out our picks of the best examples out there.
P-90 es-335 gibson

Four best P-90 pickups

Introducing a quartet of P-90 pickups that are faithful to vintage specs.

Six Of The Best – Home Recording Essentials

The home recording revolution has made it possible to get pro-level results on a shoestring budget. Here are some great options to get you started…
Fender Telecaster

Four best Telecaster neck pickups

Easy, drop-in replacements for your Telecaster neck pickup.

Six Of The Best – Acoustic Pickups

Getting a good live acoustic sound – using either a pickup, a mic or a combination of the two – is a tricky business. Here are six solutions.
Electric guitar amplifier panel control

Four best attenuators for electric guitar amplifiers

Have a monster of an amp stack at home but can't crank it? Pick up one of these attenuators.

Six of the best – Low-Power Valve Gigging Combos

While the sound of a 100-watt valve amp at full tilt is a uniquely thrilling experience, it’s rarely practical. Meet six great, low-power valve combos.

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