Tuesday, September 17, 2019

DIY Workshop

How to cure a choke out

Can't get that big bend? Try this out...
DIY Flying V 50s spec hero

DIY Workshop: How to convert an Epiphone Flying V to 1950s spec (Part One)

Far rarer than Les Paul Standards of the same year, few people have even seen a 1958 Gibson Flying V in the flesh, let alone played one. We take an Epiphone Joe Bonamassa signature ‘Amos’ model and see how close we can get to the Holy Grail.
How to restring Bigsby

How to restring a Bigsby guitar

The process isn't as complicated as most make it out to be.
DIY hub goldtop conversion hero

DIY Workshop: Converting a 1989 Greco into a 1954-style Les Paul Goldtop

An eight-part series documenting a worn single-cut’s journey to becoming a relic’ed Goldtop.
Gretsch DIY hub hero

DIY Workshop: Converting a Gretsch Anniversary into a 6120 beauty

A six-part series on how to transform a vintage Gretsch Anniversary into a 50s-style 6120 model.
Nut replacement

How to replace a guitar nut

A quick guide on making some vital adjustments to a drop-in replacement nut.

DIY Workshop: 60s Stratocaster pickguard project

A two-part series on how to assemble and design a Stratocaster pickguard that's reminiscent of those from the early 60s.
DIY potentiometer hero

How to replace an electric guitar potentiometer

Got a scratchy pot? Or you're keen on trying a different value? Here's an easy guide on how to do it yourself.
DIY replace output socket hero

How to replace an output socket

Here's what you can do to fix an intermittent guitar signal.

How to eliminate nut pings

If your guitar pings or clicks when you tune up, here's how to solve the issue without nut files.

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