Friday, April 19, 2019

DIY Workshop

DIY Workshop: Gretsch Conversion Part Four

In the latest instalment of G&B’s Gretsch conversion project, Huw Price tackles the headstock, finishes the neck and reshapes the f-holes.

DIY Workshop: ’59 Fender Bassman

Like a fine wine, tweed amps often improve, aesthetically at least, with age. Huw Price takes a ’59 Fender Bassman housed in a reproduction cabinet and finds out if he can give it some much-needed vintage vibe…

DIY Workshop: Gretsch Conversion Part Three

In the latest instalment of his conversion of a vintage Gretsch from a single-pickup Anniversary model into his dream 6120, Huw Price fearlessly tackles the restoration.

How To Relic A Guitar Body With A Nitro Finish

There’s something uniquely alluring about the finish of a genuine vintage guitar, but we can get close via artificial means. Huw Price shows you how to relic a swamp ash T-style guitar body…

DIY Workshop: Gretsch Conversion Part Two

Our Gretsch conversion project gathers pace as Huw Price separates the fretboard from the neck, strips the headstock veneer and readies the body for the next step…

DIY Workshop: How to build your own attenuator

Why the ‘Elevenator’? Because this is the attenuator that goes down to 11. Huw Price shows you how to build a simple passive attenuator with impedance switching and treble response adjustment, all for less than £40…

20 Gretsch upgrades, mods & tone tips

Fixin’ to ride the Gretsch rodeo? Huw Price presents 20 modifications, upgrades and tone tips that will help you stay in the saddle…

25 Fender Telecaster tips, mods and upgrades

For some players, Leo Fender’s plank was perfect from the get-go. The Tele also happens to be one of the best modding platforms in all of Guitardom. Not for the first time, Huw Price gets his screwdriver out…

DIY Workshop: Gretsch Conversion Part One

Huw Price finally fulfils a long-held ambition as he takes a well-worn vintage Gretsch Anniversary and turns it into a 50s-style 6120 dream machine…

DIY Workshop: ’57 Fender Strat Appraisal

Is it or isn’t it? We try to figure out if there’s a genuine 1957 Stratocaster lurking beneath this dodgy refinish or whether it’s just fool’s gold.

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