Tuesday, August 20, 2019


DIY Workshop: Rift Amp Modifications Part One

We like tweed, brownface and blackface amps, but can one amp do it all? We find out if three goes into one with G&B’s Rift PR18…

All About… Speakers

An often under-appreciated element of every electric guitarist’s tone, the humble speaker is a vital component that colours and shapes the sound emerging from our amps.

Guitar DIY Tips: A guide to routine maintenance

A guide to all the jobs that’ll keep your guitar on the road and in fine fettle.

DIY Workshop: Gretsch Anniversary to 6120 conversion (Part Five)

As our project to convert a well-worn Gretsch Anniversary into a 50s-style 6120 nears its conclusion, Huw Price re-veneers the body – with a little help from his friends.

The 20 Effects Brands to Watch in 2017

From established big guns to basement start-ups, Gary Walker rounds up the pedal manufacturers to look out for on both sides of the Atlantic next year and finds out what new stompboxes they’re preparing to unleash…

DIY Workshop: Gretsch Anniversary to 6120 conversion (Part Four)

In the latest instalment of our Gretsch conversion project, Huw Price tackles the headstock, finishes the neck and reshapes the f-holes.

All About… Rectification

We complete our series exploring the role of the valve in guitar amplification with a look at rectification. Huw Price explains the twin functions of this vital yet relatively unheralded amp component…

50 Low-Cost Ways To Improve Your Guitar Tone

We can all be guilty of spending more time obsessing about gear than learning how to get the best from what we’ve already got. Read on for 50 pro and expert tone tips to find out how you can sound better today without breaking the bank…

All about… Power Valves

Following last month’s focus on preamp valves, this issue the spotlight falls on the power valve – a major part of the sonic signature of any guitar amp.

All About… Preamp Valves

The thermionic valve was one of the most significant inventions of the 20th century and the vast majority of guitarists agree that valve amps are superior to their solid-state rivals. Huw Price charts the history of preamp valves…

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