Tuesday, July 23, 2019


10 new electric and acoustic guitars: June 2019

Our favourite new guitar announcements, releases and rumours of the past month.

DIY Workshop: How to build and assemble a Martin Guitar Kit

An eight-part series on assembling your own Martin guitar from the official kit.
Bob Dylan Singers Club Christmas uk

Five of Bob Dylan’s most influential sidemen

On the troubadour’s 78th birthday today, we look at the heroes who helped shape his sound.

How to cure a choke out

Can't get that big bend? Try this out...
taylor builder's edition k14ce v-class

12 best premium acoustic guitars

If you’re uncompromising about your acoustic-guitar tone and construction, check out these dozen models that we consider the best in class.
black volt crazy horse fender hot rod deluxe orange tremlord supro

12 best tube amps for electric guitars

Do you absolutely need glowing glass tubes in your rig? Then check out these tube amps that are the best in class for 2019.
bill orcutt

The Left Field: Bill Orcutt plays blues from another dimension

The outsider guitarist melds Delta blues, punk and noise rock into his freewheeling improvisational style.
DIY Flying V 50s spec hero

DIY: How to convert an Epiphone Flying V to 1950s spec (Part One)

Far rarer than Les Paul Standards of the same year, few people have even seen a 1958 Gibson Flying V in the flesh, let alone played one. We take an Epiphone Joe Bonamassa signature ‘Amos’ model and see how close we can get to the Holy Grail.
bb king lucille ringo starr

Why BB King’s Lucille was more than just any old guitar

On the anniversary of the legendary bluesman’s passing, we remember one of the most iconic instruments of all time.

Eight best wah pedals in 2019

Put the treadle to the metal with our guide to the best wah pedals in the business.

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