Wednesday, November 13, 2019


12 best electric guitars under $1,000

Our picks of the best electric guitars under $1,000 for players looking to upgrade their beginner instruments.
Gibson SG

The oral history of the Gibson SG

Although it didn’t find favour with the man himself, Gibson’s reboot of Les Paul’s signature model at the end of 1960 would go on to be the company’s best-selling model of all time. Here, we tell the story of the devil-horned solidbody that for many, is the ultimate rock guitar.
Vintage Fenders

How to buy a vintage guitar – tips from industry experts

We asked a range of vintage-guitar aficionados, industry experts, dealers and players for tips on securing the guitar of your dreams.
fender telecaster setupvideo

Guitar DIY: How to perform a basic Fender Telecaster setup

We show you how to tweak your Tele so it plays like a dream.

14 best budget electric guitars under $200

Don't be fooled by your small budget, you can still grab a great guitar with our helpful guide.

10 new pedals and effects units: September 2019

Our favourite new stompbox announcements, releases and rumours of the past month.
best portable amplifiers guitar

12 best portable amplifiers for electric and acoustic guitars

Our roundup of the best portable amps covers a variety of products designed to make your electric and/or acoustic guitar heard while you’re out and about.
monthly guitar updates

10 new electric and acoustic guitars: September 2019

Our favourite new electric guitar announcements, releases and rumours of the past month.
overdrive pedals

20 best overdrive pedals to buy in 2019

Sing the blues, send your amp into raptures or unleash hell with these OD stompboxes that will find a home on any pedalboard.

DIY Workshop: How to refret a vintage Fender guitar

Getting old frets out is generally a lot harder than getting the new ones in. Here’s how to refret a vintage Fender with a little lateral thinking.

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