Essential Blues Lessons Part 1: The 12-bar

Our brand-new tuition series will teach you how to become a better blues-guitar player, but you won’t get anywhere without an understanding of the basics. Join us as we teach you how to truly get to grips with that most essential of blues concepts: the 12-bar…

Chord Clinic: Play like Joni Mitchell in open D Part 1

Joni Mitchell pioneered altered tunings in folk, rock and jazz, using open D extensively in her early career.

Learn To Play… Arctic Monkeys’ Do I Wanna Know?

Learn to play the main riff and rhythm guitar parts to Arctic Monkeys' monster 2013 hit, Do I Wanna Know?

Essential Blues Guitar Lessons Part 10: Left Hand Techniques – String Bending

Master one of the most fundamental aspects of blues guitar in this lesson.

Essential Blues Guitar Lessons Part 9: The minor pentatonic scale – Shape 2

A deep dive into the second shape of the minor pentatonic scale.

Chord Clinic: Expanding The Sequence

Extending a chord sequence is a great way to come up with new ideas.

Learn To Play… Stairway To Heaven Intro

Learn to play the introduction to Led Zeppelin's iconic 'Stairway To Heaven.'

Music Theory for Beginners 5: Key signatures, relative majors and relative minors

An introduction to the relative majors and minors – the key to songwriting and improvising.

Music Theory for Beginners 4: Introduction to blues scales

Get acquainted with the minor and major blues scales: how to identify the ‘blue notes’, how they are linked to the pentatonic scales, and simple box patterns.

Essential Blues Guitar Lessons Part 2: The shuffle

In the second part of our exclusive new tuition series, MGR Music tutor Leigh Fuge adds some rhythm to the 12-bar blues format that we learned last time…