How to play blues like Jimmy Page

The Led Zeppelin icon’s influence on rock guitar is impossible to overstate, but at the core of his signature style were some classic blues fundamentals.

Chord Clinic: How to play chords like Pink Floyd Part 1

When Pink Floyd started out in the psychedelic mid 1960s, they were playing clubs, led by Syd Barrett on guitar. But once David Gilmour took over, they evolved into a stadium-rock band and began crafting extravagant concept albums. Now one of the biggest-selling acts of all time, you can bet they knew how to write an interesting chord sequence.

How to play the blues like Eric Clapton

Now that you’ve mastered the basics of the pentatonic scale, it’s time to look at the masters themselves to see how the most legendary blues players utilise the shapes we’ve learned in their own playing. First up, it’s Old Slowhand.

Essential Blues Guitar Lessons Part 14: The minor pentatonic scale – Shapes 4 & 5

We round-up our year-long exploration of the basics of blue by finishing off the five basic shapes of the pentatonic scale.

Essential Blues Guitar Lessons Part 13: The minor pentatonic scale – Shape 3

Continuing our look at the essential tools for the budding blues guitarist, here we take a deep dive into another shape of the humble minor pentatonic.

Chord Clinic: How to play chords like Eagles

Throughout their long and incredibly successful career, Eagles have shifted a staggering 150 million albums… and you don’t do that without knowing a fair thing about how to write a compelling chord progression.

Essential Blues Guitar Lessons Part 12: Combining rhythm with basic licks

The latest part of our essential guide to blues guitars sees us start to put it all together, as we combine rhythm with the basic lead lines we’ve learned so far.

Essential Blues Guitar Lessons Part 11: Combining rhythm with basic licks

Our Essential Blues Lessons are heating up! Here, we look at ways to combine what we’ve been learning so far into the basis for our own licks.

How to play chords like Noel Gallagher

Oasis’ Noel Gallagher was a man who knew a thing or two about penning a hit, and the bedrock of it all was his clever approach to chords and songwriting…

How To Play Killers-style chords

The Killers are one of the biggest rock bands of the 21st century and guitarist Dave Keuning is a founder member. In this Chord Clinic we take a look at his guitar style and chord choices.