Friday, November 15, 2019


zilla cabs

Win! A Zilla Cabs Ported 1×12″ Cabinet

The cabinet is worth £370.
lowden acoustic guitar strings

Win! Three sets of Lowden’s new premium acoustic strings

Each bundle of three packs is worth £60.

Win! Keeley Electronics El Rey Dorado & Aria Compressor Drive worth £348

One's a Brit-voiced distortion, the other's a two-in-one overdrive/compressor.
Heritage guitars h-150

Win! A Heritage Guitars H-150 worth £2,459

We're giving away a beautiful single-cut Heritage guitar to one lucky winner!
Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo Overdrive Ambient Delay

Win! Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo, Overdrive and Ambient Delay

All three Expression stompboxes are up for grabs!

Win! An Old Blood Noise Endeavors Excess

Old Blood Noise Endeavors is the latest US boutique builder to burst onto the scene with some radical ideas about design, tone and, it seems, philosophy.
beetronics royal jelly

Win! A Beetronics FX Royal Jelly overdrive/fuzz

When we first came across California pedal makers Beetronics FX, we wanted one of its units before we’d even heard one, purely on the basis of how damn cool they look.

Win four sets of Elixir acoustic guitar strings!

Three lucky winners will each win four sets of Nanoweb coated Elixir Strings!

Win! An EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids stereo flanger!

If you're in the market for inspiring and eccentric effects pedals, you'd be hard pressed to find something better made by a manufacturer other than EarthQuaker Devices.

Win! Fender Effects Pedals: Engager, Full Moon & The Pelt!

When it comes to creating inspirational guitars and amplifiers, it’s rather understating things to say that Fender has been knocking it out of the park for the best part of 70 years now.

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