Monday, September 23, 2019


Crazy Tube

NAMM 2018: Crazy Tube Circuits introduce Constellation Fuzz & Ziggy v2

Introducing the constellation of fuzz.
Ibanez AZ series

Ibanez releases AZ series electric guitars

High-tech manufacturing techniques meet old-world Japanese craftsmanship.
Kurt Vile plays a Fender Jaguar

Meet the new Fender American Original series

The new range is inspired by the brand’s iconic guitars and basses of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s, but is re-made for the modern musician.

NAMM 2018: Aguilar Amps announce Limited Edition “Dorian Gray” bass cabinets

Aguilar Amplification is proud to announce their 2018 Limited Edition cabinet color - “Dorian Gray”.

NAMM 2018: Rainger FX releases new Reverb-X with overdrive

London’s Rainger FX has announced the Reverb-X mini pedal, a counterpart to the company’s Echo-X mini delay pedal.
boss katana air

NAMM 2018: Boss release Katana Air – World’s First Wireless Amp

We all know the difficulty of lugging around your amp and the cables, footswitches etc that go along with it, but luckily Boss have come up with a solution…

NAMM 2018: Fano Guitars announce new Standard Series JM4-FB Bass

For NAMM 2018, Fano Guitars has announced the release of new Standard Series JM4-FB Basses, following on from their tradition of developing traditional designs with renewed creativity and innovation.

NAMM 2018: EarthQuaker Devices releases new Westwood Drive Manipulator

EarthQuaker Devices have today announced the release of their new Westwood Translucent Drive Manipulator, along with five other V2 pedals.

NAMM 2018: PRS announces new SE Acoustics for 2018

PRS have today announced six new affordable acoustics as part of their SE range, to be launched at NAMM 2018.

NAMM 2018: TC Electronic release four new vintage inspired pedals, including Drip Spring Reverb

Most of the time all you need is your bread and butter three-button overdrives, studio delays, and subtle reverbs but every once in a while, you need something special to nail the tone of your favorite artist or musical style.

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