Kinman Gen-2 Strat Pickup

Kinman unveils six Gen-2 Stratocaster pickups

These single-coils deliver stellar Strat tones, minus the hum.
Lawrence Petross Design Sixty 8 Deluxe

Lawrence Petross Design launches Sixty 8 Deluxe Overdrive

It takes its cues from a classic Plexi head.
Acoustic Amplifiers B300C

Acoustic adds the B300C, B600C to its C-Series line-up

These versatile bass amps are spec’ed with modern appointments.
Joyo Audio Uzi

Joyo unveils the Uzi Distortion

This stompbox's got both bark and bite.
Friedman BE OE Deluxe

Friedman releases the BE-OD Deluxe and the Golden Pearl

The boutique amp builders have two new overdrive pedals in the offing.
Emma Electronic Navigation Delay

Emma Electronic releases the Navigator Delay

This hybrid delay pedal harnesses analogue and digital technology.
Joyo Audio Tauren Overdrive

Joyo unleashes the Tauren Overdrive

It takes its cues from the Tube Screamer.
Mod Kits DIY Tone Attack

Mod Kits DIY adds the Tone Attack to its line-up

You can assemble this stompbox from scratch.
Magnetic Effects Black Moon

Magnetic Effects unveils the Black Moon, Lonely Robot

Two drive pedals designed for hairy tones.
Cort KX257B Baritone 7-String Guitar Feature

Cort introduces the KX257B Baritone seven-string

This sleek axe is built for metalheads.