Thursday, June 20, 2019


mesa boogie fillmore 100 head

Mesa Boogie revs up the power with new 100-watt Fillmore amp

Featuring the same winning formula as its 25- and 50-watt siblings.
Matt Bellamy

Matt Bellamy gifts Tom Morello a custom Manson guitar

It was inspired by the Rage Against The Machine guitarist’s style.
Breedlove Pursuit Exotic Acoustic Electric

Breedlove adds three ‘exotic’ acoustic-electric models to Pursuit range

Featuring myrtlewood and a new Prairie Burst finish.
Framus Panthera II Studio Supreme Masterbuilt

Framus’ new Panthera II Studio Supreme boasts striking 3D top

Updated axe available in both Masterbuilt and Teambuilt versions.
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Whitecap

Old Blood Noise Endeavors’ Whitecap Asynchronous Dual Tremolo is a warbly behemoth

Analogue and digital tremolos join forces for otherworldly choppy textures.
Mooer GE300 hero

The GE300 is Mooer’s new flagship multi-effects processor

Amp modelling, IR cab sims, a synth engine and intuitive Tone Capture modes.

ESP’s new LTD 400-Series axes get the metallic fade treatment

All six feature pro-leaning components without the corresponding price tag.
TheGigRig Wetter Box

TheGigRig elevates parallel effects mixing with Wetter Box

Blend two effects in parallel for new, interesting tones.
Avenged Sevenfold Getty

Avenged Sevenfold to sell gear and memorabilia on Reverb

In support of Note For Notes.

Solar Guitars unleashes fearsome new axes

One’s a feature-packed eight-string and the other’s a baritone six-string.

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