Thursday, September 19, 2019


ZVEX Clear Box of Rock

You can now get a see-through ZVEX Box Of Rock

The limited-edition pedal is housed in a Lexan enclosure.
Ibanez Antique Aged

Ibanez launches pre-aged Artwood Vintage acoustics

The new AVC11MH Thermo Aged grand concert models from Ibanez guitars come in Flamingo Pink or Surf Green and are Thermo Aged
Vox Mini Superbeetle British Racing Green

Vox releases limited-edition Mini Superbeetle in British Racing Green

Released last year, this amp pays tribute to the British Invasion.
KMA Machines Logan Transcend Drive

KMA Machines transcends drive boundaries with Logan

Versatile dirt box offers expansive tonal range.
PRS SE Custom 24 Roasted Maple

PRS’ Roasted Maple SE Custom 24 is now available in the US

Limited-edition model was previously exclusive to Europe.
Duesenberg Triton Bass in Gold-Top finish

Duesenberg’s Triton is a three-pickup, long-scale bass guitar

The long-scale bass arrives in sleek Gold Top and Black finishes.
sitek guitar electronics wuffy distortion

Sitek’s Wuffy Distortion is a little red overdriving pedal

An all-analogue, high-gain dirt box from Poland.
Korg Pokemon Tuners

Catch ’em all: Korg’s limited-edition Pitchclip 2 Pokémon tuner and metronome

Be the best like no-one ever was with Korg's new limited-edition Pitchclip 2.

Jeff Loomis of Arch Enemy shows off his new Jackson signature model

Arch Enemy guitar player Jeff Loomis has revealed his new Jackson USA Signature Jeff Loomis Kelly model, following his seperation from Schecter.
Darkglass Electronics 900 V2 limited-edition

Darkglass Electronics launches limited-edition Microtubes 900 V2 amp

Featuring custom artwork by Christopher Lovell.

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