Monday, September 23, 2019


Ernie Ball Music Man April BFR

Ernie Ball Music Man announces Ball Family Reserve April collection

This month's offerings include new finishes for the Axis Super Sport, James Valentine signature and John Petrucci Majesty.
Mini Laney Amps

Laney releases ultra-compact Mini amps

Small, portable and with classic good looks, the new Mini-Laney series will grace any desktop in style.
Pete Townshend Smashed Strat

Pete Townshend’s smashed ’64 Strat to be auctioned off

Neckless and in two separate halves, Townshend's mythical guitar—or what remains of it—will be put up for auction next week.
D'Addario DIY cable kit

D’Addario Accessories unveils three new products

A solderless cable kit, jack lock for Taylor guitars, and upgraded nine-volt adapter are the latest additions to D’Addario’s catalogue.
Fishman Matrix Infinity VT

Fishman expands Matrix Series with new pickup systems

The Matrix Infinity VT and Infinity Mic Blend boast design and performance enhancements, including a built-in condenser mic for the Infinity Mic Blend.
Lundgren Black Heaven

Lundgren Guitar Pickups unleashes the Black Heaven

The Swedish brand’s newest humbuckers are powerful, tight handmade pickups that are built for heavier styles of music.
Fishman Fluence Open Core Humbuckers

Check out the new Fishman Fluence Open Core Classic pickups

The humbuckers boast a new voice, formats for seven- and eight-stringed guitars, and several finishes.
Fender Strat Tele Hybrid

Fender’s new guitar is the lovechild of a Stratocaster and Telecaster

The classic Tele-style body merges with traditional Strat hardware in the Fender Parallel Universe Strat-Tele Hybrid.
Seymour Duncan Silver Lake

Seymour Duncan’s new pedal packs plenty of reverb in one small box

With eight algorithms and plenty of tone-shaping options, the Silver Lake can produce anything from short echoes to massive, cascading swells.
Ovation Guitars Richie Sambora

Richie Sambora gets two new Ovation signature guitars

Made famous by the video for Bon Jovi’s 1986 hit “Wanted Dead or Alive,” the iconic Ovation double-necker finally makes its return.

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