Sunday, August 18, 2019


Dean ML Patents Pending Classic Black

Dean Guitars goes back in time with the Patents Pending series

The instruments in the new range are (almost) exact replicas of legendary Dean models from the late ’70s.

Squier dives into 2018 with new guitar line-up

The Contemporary series is designed for players who want a modern sound, feel and look in their Strats and Teles.
Koll Guitars Troubadour 2018

Koll Guitars unveils new models

The boutique company updates its Troubadour range and teases prototypes of an upcoming line.

Empress Effects’ Zoia stuffs countless tools in one box

The Zoia is much more than a multi-effects unit—you can patch together synth modules, arrange loops, build ‘pedals,’ and sequence oscillators.

Gamechanger’s Plasma Pedal turns your guitar into pure electricity

The stompbox is a cross between a gated fuzz and a Tesla coil.

LunaStone launches range of drive pedals

The four new stompboxes run the gamut from BB King’s smooth overdrive to Hendrix’s wailing fuzz.
Marshall Amps Origin series

Marshall introduces Origin series of amps

Despite back-to-basic designs, the Origin series comes with a host of upgrades for the modern guitarist.
Chase Bliss Thermae

Chase Bliss Audio unveils analog delay pedal

The Thermae stompbox brings harmonizing and pitch-shift functions to a bucket-brigade delay.
Randall Satan 50

Randall Amplifiers releases the Satan 50 Ola Englund signature

“The next chapter of metal history is about to be written,” Randall claims.

The JHS Bonsai crams nine Tube Screamers into one pedal

JHS Pedals’ new stompbox wants to be the one Tube Screamer to rule them all.

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