Friday, November 15, 2019


Yamaha A4K AC4K Limited

Yamaha unveils two limited-edition acoustic-electrics

The A4K Limited and AC4K Limited are, respectively, dreadnought and concert beauties crafted from solid Hawaiian koa.
D'Angelico Premier Series Utica Spruce, Utica Mahogany, Utica Koa, and Utica Mahogany with arched back

D’Angelico releases travel-friendly dreadnought

Meet the Premier Utica, a 3/4-sized dreadnought and your new favorite travel buddy.
Joyo Audio JW-02 wireless

Joyo Audio updates wireless guitar system

The affordable JW-02 boasts a suite of upgrades to the first version of the brand’s wireless system.
SoundBrut FU fuzz

SoundBrut announces a big FU

It’s actually the name of its new, silicon-based fuzz box.
Danelectro '59X, '59XT, '66T and '66BT

Danelectro unveils four vintage-inspired electrics

Wilkinson vibrato bridges and lipstick humbuckers are the stars of the new ’59X, ’59XT, ’66T and ’66BT.
Zurich Preamp, Geneva Amp Sim and Wittenberg Bass Preamp

Westminster Effects launches three DI/preamp pedals

The Geneva Amp Sim, Zurich Preamp and Wittenberg Bass Preamp are designed for electrics, acoustics and basses, respectively.
ZVEX Super Duper Concert Bass Mod

ZVEX launches new Super Duper 2-in-1 mod

It’s meant to produce the doom-laden, 4/20-friendly, earth-shattering tones of the iconic Sunn Concert Bass amp.
Massive Unity Dirty Boy

Massive Unity launches preamp/OD/boost pedal

The Dirty Boy emulates classic tube amps to give your tone more brawn.
Supro Black Magick Reverb Head

Supro’s new amp sounds as good as it looks

The 1696RT Black Magick Reverb is an all-tube beast that adds more features to the vintage Supro amp used by Jimmy Page.
Mattoverse Inflection Point

Mattoverse unveils new modulation pedal

The Inflection Point is a vibrato/tremolo for guitars, basses and synths that lets you pick from eight waveforms.

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