Yamaha acquires bass amp brand, Ampeg

The brand beloved by bassists joins Line 6 as part of Yamaha’s brand-new guitar-focused subsidiary.

Gibson files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, announces restructuring plans

Reorganization plans include a fresh injection of $135 million, a change in ownership, and the offloading of unprofitable assets.

Gibson’s woes continue with $50 million robot tuner lawsuit

Remember Gibson’s robot tuner system? Well, its licensor, Tronical, is taking Gibson to court over licensing fees and a “breach of contract.”

With KKR’s attempted takeover of Gibson nixed, what’s next?

Disagreements over the terms of a new deal between Gibson and the private equity firm have surfaced, hindering future plans for the debt-saddled music giant.

News: Grindrod Amplification open ownership to the public

Legendary amp designer Steve Grindrod has opened up a pledge campaign to the public for a stake in his company. Grindrod is offering 20...