Can Trump make US-made guitars great again?

First he came for synths, now he’s coming for instrument cases. What would happen if guitars were next on the list?

Yamaha acquires bass amp brand, Ampeg

The brand beloved by bassists joins Line 6 as part of Yamaha’s brand-new guitar-focused subsidiary.

Gibson files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, announces restructuring plans

Reorganization plans include a fresh injection of $135 million, a change in ownership, and the offloading of unprofitable assets.

Gibson’s woes continue with $50 million robot tuner lawsuit

Remember Gibson’s robot tuner system? Well, its licensor, Tronical, is taking Gibson to court over licensing fees and a “breach of contract.”

With KKR’s attempted takeover of Gibson nixed, what’s next?

Disagreements over the terms of a new deal between Gibson and the private equity firm have surfaced, hindering future plans for the debt-saddled music giant.

News: Grindrod Amplification open ownership to the public

Legendary amp designer Steve Grindrod has opened up a pledge campaign to the public for a stake in his company. Grindrod is offering 20...