Wednesday, October 16, 2019


ryan adams sexual misconduct

Gear brands withdraw Ryan Adams support in light of sexual misconduct allegations

Walrus Audio, JHS Pedals and Benson Amps are pulling their collaborations with Adams.
Jim Dunlop, Dunlop Manufacturing Inc

Guitar gear innovator Jim Dunlop Sr has died

The influential founder of Dunlop Manufacturing – creator of picks, capos, effects and more –passes away.

Interview: How Bob Taylor puts guitars at the heart of sustainability

Taylor's very own Bob Taylor tells us why sustainability is fundamental to the guitar industry in the 21st century

Fender acquires Bigsby

Call it a return – of sorts – to the Gretsch family.

NAMM 2019: Gibson set to return to NAMM in 2019

New CEO, new line-up, new chapter?
Gibson new CEO James Curleigh

Who is the new Gibson CEO, James ‘JC’ Curleigh?

He calls himself a “marketing wizard of Oz”.

Joe Bonamassa and others react to Gibson’s new CEO announcement

Joe Bonamassa and other figures in the guitar industry have shared their thoughts on the news that former Levi's boss JC Curleigh will be...
fender study

Women account for 50% of new guitarists, says Fender

The guitar is not dead—it’s just evolving.

Gibson’s plans for Chapter 11 exit get a green light

Lenders, including KKR & Co, will lead the guitar giant out of bankruptcy.
gibson les paul smokey

Gibson Brands files amended plan of reorganization, Henry Juszkiewicz to step down

Future owners also tip an imminent Chapter 11 bankruptcy exit for Gibson.

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