Sunday, August 18, 2019


Framus unveils D-Series line of affordable electrics

The seven new axes in the series include the Diablo Pro, Diablo Progressive X, Diablo Supreme, Panthera Supreme, Panthera Pro 7, Phil XG and WH-1 Artist Line.
Wilson Effects Slapback Dual Delay

Wilson Effects’ new pedal packs two delays into one

And the Slapback Dual Delay lets you route each delay side separately.
Boss GT-1000

Boss releases the GT-1000 guitar effects processor

The latest Boss release puts a smorgasbord of tube amps and effects at your feet.
Ormsby 18-string guitar

Watch Jared Dines demo his 18-string Ormsby guitar

Surprise: This behemoth can actually be played.
Gibson G FORCE Tronical

Gibson’s woes continue with $50 million robot tuner lawsuit

Remember Gibson’s robot tuner system? Well, its licensor, Tronical, is taking Gibson to court over licensing fees and a “breach of contract.”
Cort X Series

Cort announces the flagship X500 electric guitar

The new X Series axe combines high-quality components and hardware to deliver aggressive, articulate tones.
Free the Tone String Slinger Overdrive

Free the Tone unveils two new overdrive pedals

The String Slinger recalls Fender Blackfaces, while the Fire Mist promises classic British rock tones.
Wampler Reflection Equator

Wampler drops new reverb and EQ pedals

Say hello to the Reflection and EQuator.
Darkglass Microtubes 900

Darkglass Electronics unveils limited edition Microtubes 900

The Finnish brand's popular bass amp now comes with a gnarly new artwork.
TC electronic

TC Electronic’s new Aeon gives you infinite sustain

The handheld device is the Danish company's answer to the EBow.

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