Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Ramble FX Kismet pedal

Ramble FX unveils analog overdrive pedal with digital features

Besides delivering sweet, all-analog overdriven tones, the Kismet lets you save and cycle through up to four presets.

Watch the new Fender pedals in action

Details of the six pedals were scant when they were announced in January, but Fender just released in-depth video demos of the series.
eventide h9 control app

Eventide releases Android version of H9 Control app

Android users can now control their H9 stompboxes from their phone or tablet.
Dr No Colossus pedal

Dr No Effects’ latest release is a boost and octave fuzz in one

The Colossus gives you the tones of Jimi Hendrix’s Octavia, but with the potential to be cranked to 11.
Gibson Izzy Hale Explorer Dark

Gibson goes to the dark side with the Lzzy Hale Explorer

The Lzzy Hale Explorer now has a “Dark” version that boasts gold hardware, a sleek, jet black finish, and that classic Gibson tone.

Nordstrand Audio releases the Nordenbocker Pickup

The Nordenbocker is the Rickenbacker-friendly version of Nordstrand’s popular Big Single pickup.
John Mayer PRS Silver Sky

John Mayer finally reveals his signature PRS axe

John Mayer fans, the moment you've been waiting for has arrived—and you won't be disappointed.
ZVEX Effects 59 Sound Vertical

ZVEX Effects releases the ’59 Sound Vertical

A new orientation for an old pedal makes it easier to recreate the tones of the iconic ’59 Fender Bassman.
ENKI AMG 2GC guitar case

ENKI debuts with the AMG-2GC Guitar Case

ENKI opens shop with a no-nonsense guitar case that will survive anything from grumpy baggage handlers to rocky roads.
Spaceman Effects Mercury IV

Spaceman Effects launches the Mercury IV boost pedal

A vintage germanium transistor sits at the heart of the Mach 4 version of the popular stompbox.

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