Friday, October 18, 2019


Ernie Ball Paradigm Strings Review

A year after we first saw them at NAMM 2017, we get to grips with these highly advanced strings. Can we believe the hype? Simon Bradley tunes up…

House Of Tone Tru PAF Humbuckers Review

The quest for the perfect PAF copy seems never-ending. Huw Price tests a set that might just make you call off the search…

Two Notes Torpedo Studio Review

This rackmount beast claims to be the best way to record traditional valve amps without making a racket.

Towner Down Tension Bar Review

Armed with a Bigsby B6CB vibrato tailpiece, Chris Vinnicombe adds a whammy bar to his ES-335 without drilling the top, thanks to an ingenious solution by Christian James Towner…

House Of Tone JazzHouse & E-Type Pickups Review

The British winder joins the offset renaissance. We try out some Jazz and Jag pickups with pedigree…

House Of Tone Heavy House P-94 Set Review

Things are going to get heavy with this new P-94 set. Huw Price enters House Of Tone’s house of fun…

Review: Tyson Tone P90 & PAF Set Pickups

Bob Tyson couldn’t find any replicas that sounded like vintage PAFs and P-90s, so he made his own. Huw Price puts two Tyson Tone sets to the test while attempting to avoid the words ‘punchy’ and ‘bite’…

ThroBak KZ-115 MXV review

Few PAF-replica makers can claim to be using Gibson’s actual 1950s machines. Huw Price asks: does it make a difference, or is it a wind up?

Wudtone CP Vintage Tremolo review

Can an S-type ‘tremolo’ emulate the tuning stability of a Floyd Rose without changing the looks or tone? Huw Price tests the Wudtone…

Oil City Pickups Winterizer II, Wapping Wharf & HonkyTonk Angel review

Oil City’s pickups exude the spirit of the Thames Delta. Huw Price tries the Winterizer II, Wapping Wharf and HonkyTonk Angel.

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