Friday, February 22, 2019


Fender ’64 Custom Deluxe Reverb Review

A hand-wired Deluxe Reverb with blackface AB763 innards and a solid pine cabinet is the reissue many players have been dreaming of.

Satellite Neutron Review

Still slightly under the radar, Satellite amps offer great value in the hand-wired world, but does the Neutron live up to its promise as a boutique bomb?

Honeyboy Amps 18 & 5 Review

They may be dressed like psychedelic reptiles, but these hand-wired British combos are tweed on the inside.

Rift Amplification Tweed 5TV & 15TV Review

Despite being tone monsters, Leo Fender’s early TV front amplifiers are less sought-after than later narrow-panel tweeds. We find out if Rift’s interpretations of the 5A2 Princeton and 5A3 Deluxe circuits are boxing clever…

Blackstar LT-Echo 10 & Fly 3 Bluetooth Review

Now, are these amplifiers small… or very far away? Chris Vinnicombe wonders if practice amps really can be made perfect…

Fender ’57 Custom Pro-Amp Review

The oversized cabinet and 15-inch speaker made the Pro a cult favourite among tweed fans. Testing Fender’s latest reissue in the Custom series, we discover that size really does matter.

Fane Acoustics Ascension A60 Review

Fane may be a brand with a rich heritage, but it has been developing some very interesting new speakers. We test a potential giant-killer…

Two-Rock Burnside Review

With designer Bill Krinard back on board at Two-Rock, this latest offering promises vintage and modern tweed voicings in one amp.

Fender Mustang GT 40 & GT 100 Review

Bluetooth. Wifi. App control. Fender amps have come a long way since the Woody models of seven decades ago. Chris Vinnicombe revs up a pair of new Mustang GT models…

Stone Deaf SD30 Combo Review

An all-valve combo with tone-tweaking options worthy of a modelling amp?

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