Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Electric Guitars

I-30 LC Collings

Collings I-30 LC Review

The Texan company reinvented the ES-335 with its much-admired I-35 model. Now it’s the turn of the ES-330.
Fender Player Jazzmaster Mexican

Fender Player Series Review

The past two years have seen Fender reinvent its American Standard series as American Professional and American Vintage as American Original. Now the company’s attention turns to its entry-level models as we say adios to the popular Mexican Standards and hola to the Player series…

Fender Strat-Tele Hybrid Review

Meet Fender’s limited edition Strat-Tele Hybrid, the first model in the company’s 2018 Parallel Universe series.

TV Jones Spectra Sonic Supreme Review

TV Jones is a renowned pickup maker, but the American company is no slouch when it comes to electric guitar design, either. Chris Vinnicombe takes the Spectra Sonic for a spin…

Gretsch 135th Anniversary Models Review

We’ve often raved about Gretsch Electromatics and been consistently wowed by sheer quality of the Players Edition Anniversary, so what happens when they go head to head?

Maybach Albatroz 65-2 Review

Having wowed us with the Lester single-cut, Maybach’s Albatroz offers another take on a familiar vintage theme for sensible money.

Echopark Esperanto 313 Review

An outrageously cool semi with Queens Of The Stone Age in its DNA and a neck to die for.

Eastman SB59/v-GB Review

The award-winning single-cut returns with new pickups and a fresh lick of old-style paint.

PRS Silver Sky Review

After two years of exhaustive R&D, March 2018 saw one of the industry’s worst-kept secrets become the most talked-about guitar in recent history. Depending on whom you believe, John Mayer and Paul Reed Smith’s Silver Sky is either ‘the future of a classic design’ or just another Strat copy with the ‘wrong’ headstock. We play the guitar at the centre of an online storm and speaks to the man who brought John Mayer’s vision to life…

Eastman T184MX Review

Will the latest iteration of Eastman’s compact hollowbody persuade our resident Electric Spanish addict that size isn’t everything?

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