Electric Guitars

Vigier Excalibur Classic Rock Review

A new model that combines classic 60s tones with up-to-date spec. Simon Bradley makes sense of it all…

Fender American Original ’60s Telecaster & ’50s Stratocaster Review

The American Original Series breaks with recent tradition and offers best-of-the-decade features rather than replicating specific model years. We gets our hands on the ’50s Stratocaster and ’60s Telecaster for a UK-exclusive first review…

Rivolta Mondata Standard Review

The second model from the Dennis Fano-designed Rivolta brand cranks up the 60s quirkiness, but we find a modern player hiding beneath the kitschy pearloid…

PRS SE Bernie Marsden Signature 2017 LTD Review

The Whitesnake founder’s signature guitar returns to the stage. We find out if it’s a beast of its own…

Gretsch G5435 Limited Edition Electromatic Pro Jet

Limited to just 250 pieces in Europe, will this affordable single-cut leave Chris Vinnicombe feelin’ blue?

Manson Guitar works MA-25 Anniversary Edition Review

Manson has chosen to mark a quarter-century of high-class luthiery with one of the sparkliest guitars we’ve ever seen.

Deimel Guitarworks – Firestar Custom

Quirky looks and even quirkier electrics make this German boutique creation a guitar for the true individualist – but will it flick all the right switches for Richard Purvis?

Prisma Guitars Toledo Review

When a bad injury left skateboarder Nick Pourfard immobile for six months, he started making guitars.

G&L ASAT Classic Review

As Mr Fender’s ‘other’ single-cut solidbody powers on into its fourth decade. We find out if it’s still got that George and Leo magic…

Fender EOB Sustainer Stratocaster Review

Radiohead star Ed O’Brien’s collaboration with Fender is an intriguing mix of old and new. We find out if playing it makes you fitter, happier, more productive…