Saturday, October 19, 2019


Vintage Bench Test: 1936 Kalamazoo KG-11

The Gibson name may not appear on the headstock, but this beautiful pre-war treasure delivers dry, dusty blues tones to die for.

Vintage Bench Test: 1966 Fender Jaguar

Leo Fender’s second offset offering took surf music, and later the alt-rock world, by storm. Huw Price spends some time taming an exotic jungle cat.

Vintage Time Machines: 1950s Watkins Westminster ‘Black Star’

Stripped down to the bare wood and fitted with a pair of EL90 valves, this late-50s Watkins Westminster ‘Black Star’ still carries the warm, mellow tones it helped pioneer.

Vintage Bench Test: 1956 Gibson ES-350T

Mystery surrounds the exact identity of this beautiful Gibson archtop, which shares elements of both the ES-350T and Byrdland.

LP Shootout: Gibson Collector’s Choice Minnesota Burst vs The Real ’59

The guitar on the right is Minnesota, one of the most beautiful Les Pauls to leave Kalamazoo in 1959. The guitar on the left is a Custom Shop replica. We follow the process as a holy grail is recreated and compare Gibson’s Collector’s Choice production model to the original…

Vintage Bench Test: 1962 Guild T-100DP ‘Slim Jim’

Often overlooked, Guild’s early-60s semis offer some of the best vintage bargains in all of guitardom. Huw Price takes a look at a Guild T-100DP.

Vintage Time Machines: 1965 Jaguar

This glorious sunburst Jaguar bears the scars of five decades of live action. It’s a guitar that begs to be played…

Vintage Bench Test: ’59 Fender Jazzmaster

Leo Fender’s attempt to corner the jazz market with the Jazzmaster found the company some unexpected fans. Huw Price examines a glorious 1959 example…

Vintage Time Machines: 1966 Vox V252 Mark VI Acoustic ‘Teardrop’

The Vox V252 Mark VI’s radical ‘teardrop’ outline won favour with the likes of Brian Jones. G&B introduces a stunning ’66 example…

Vintage Bench Test: 1939 Gibson L-00

The late-30s was a golden era for American acoustics. This 1939 Gibson L-00 is no museum piece – and that’s a compliment.

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