My Guitar Story: Ariel Posen on his baritone Mule StratoMule

In the first in a new series, the Canadian slide maestro tells the story of this unique custom baritone made by Mule Resophonic Guitars.

Famed for his exquisite slide technique and soulful vocals, Ariel Posen is now one of the most revered guitar players in the industry. However, his guitar choice is a little leftfield.

Utilising instruments that echo familiar models and vintage classics, he’s usually found playing a custom model by Josh Williams, a Collings 360 LTM and most notably, his signature StratoMule from Mule Resophonic Guitars, which he affectionately calls the ‘Posencaster’.

Here, he talks about the influence a $50 Teisco Del Rey had on his journey towards ordering a custom resonator from the luthiers at Mule, and how it opened up a new world of technique and tonality in his playing and songwriting. This is Ariel Posen’s Guitar Story.


Watch Ariel Posen perform for Live here.