Why I Love My… Romeo Stodart & His Gibson ES-335

The Magic Numbers frontman is rarely seen without his trusty Gibson semi – he tells Josh Gardner why it’s such an important guitar for him…

1. I love my…

“Cherry Red ES-335, it’s my baby, we’ve been through a lot together.”

2. How I got it…

“My first ever guitar was a second-hand Gibson SG, which I paid for by working countless hours meticulously flower arranging at my uncle’s design warehouse in New York – very rock ’n’ roll, I know. Upon us moving to London we were always strapped for cash, so my mum ended up pawning it in Cash Converters. When it was time to pay, we didn’t have the money so I lost it just like that. I was devastated.

“Then when I finally got my hands on this 335 from Peter Cook’s Guitar World in Hanwell it meant even more to me, I actually cried. There was no way I was ever letting this beauty leave my side.”

3. It’s special because…

“For me it’s really the journey I’ve had with this guitar, it’s a part of me. I’ve got much older perhaps better, cooler guitars, but for some reason this guitar still inspires me and surprises me all the time, especially recording with it. It’s just got this particular warm tone that’s instantly recognisable to my ear and I just play off that. I tend to gravitate more towards humbuckers I think. I just also prefer bigger guitars, semi and hollowbody guitars in particular, the way they resonate on you.”

4. It’s perfect for…

“It’s a real workhorse to be honest, I’m rough and tough with it, I think you need to be a bit like that with guitars. I still bring it out on the road, though it’s funny because I’ve been playing my ES-175 on various different projects and a 335 from Gibson Memphis as well recently, but when I do I actually feel guilty. I don’t want her getting jealous.”

5. It sounds best with…

“My Lazy J 20, which I take everywhere with me. Jesse Hoff who designed it absolutely nailed this amp. It’s loosely modelled on a 50s tweed Deluxe but it really has its own sound and the way it works is really unique. You can get everything you need, tone wise.”

6. Hear it on…

“You can really hear it letting rip on the new single, Sweet Divide. That’s the 335 through the Lazy J, one guitar plugged straight in, no effects, no overdubs. That combination is all over this new album.”

The Magic Numbers’ new album, Outsiders, is out now on Role Play Records.


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