Gear Of The Year 2017: Best Accessory

From pickups to tuners, plectrums to practice amps, we all need those little extra bits of gear that help us sound better, play better, or simply play more – here are our picks for the year.


Blackstar FLY 3 bluetooth

• Price £79.99
Reviewed June 2017
Contact Blackstar Amplification 01604 817817

There’s an argument to be made that Blackstar’s remarkable FLY 3 mini-amp is the best thing a guitar player could ever spend just south of £80 on. Quite simply, the FLY smashes the perception that a highly portable mini practice amp can’t sound good – the variety of clean and gain sounds on board all sound remarkably grown up for an amp that’s barely bigger than a can of Coke.

The new-for-2017 addition of Bluetooth connectivity makes it an even more enticing proposition – simply hook up your phone, put it on your coffee table, and jam along to your favourite tunes to your heart’s content.

We said “The best battery-powered micro-amp in the business just got even more useful”

Highly Commended

House Of Tone Jazzhouse Pickups

• Price £130 (set)
Reviewed August 2017
Contact House Of Tone Pickups 07791 691251

We said “About as good as it gets for vintage Jazzmaster tone”

Tyson Tone P90 53-Wraptail Pickups

• Price $210 (set)
Reviewed January 2017
Contact Tyson Tone Pickups 001 831 776 8692

We said “Incredible mid-50s P-90 replicas that hold their own with the genuine article”

Fane Acoustics Ascension A60 Speaker

• Price £214
Reviewed March 2017
Contact Fane Acoustics 01924 224 618

We said “If you need high power handling with alnico tone and dynamics, the A60 delivers on every front”


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