Check out Scott Holiday’s Kauer Banshee Baritone “Organa Major”

A nod to a certain George Lucas space opera.

Scott Holiday's Kauer Banshee Baritone "Organa Major"

One of the most unique instruments in Scott’s idiosyncratic collection is the single-pickup, Bigsby-loaded Kauer Banshee Baritone he nicknamed ‘Organa Major’ – a Star Wars reference that came about because looking at its black sparkle finish feels like staring into deep space.

“I don’t know if he’s even done another baritone,” says Scott. “For [2016 album] Hollow Bones, I recorded parts one and two of the title track with Dave Cobb’s Jerry Jones Danelectro-style baritone. Literally when I finished recording those tracks I called Doug and went, ‘Yeah, I know these songs are gonna be on the record for sure… I need a baritone, dude. You need to start building one or I won’t be able to play these songs!’ It’s a really special guitar, it’s really cool.”

Check out our interview with Scott Holiday here.


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