Rare Guitars: Gary Gand’s Wandrè Brigitte Bardot

“It’s technically the best guitar there is,” Gary tells us.

Gary Gand Wandrè Brigitte Bardot (Body, With Amplifier)

Rounding out Gary Gand’s more-than-impressive collection of guitars is this Wandrè Brigitte Bardot – a true gem. For a period of only about ten years, Italian luthier Antonio Vandrè Pioli created some of the most unique instruments of the 60s, but now, they’re extremely difficult to find. And if you do happen to come across one, they’ll cost you a pretty penny.

This specimen, which Gary confesses that he paid too much for, is in excellent condition, which makes it even rarer. Named for the famous Italian actress, he acquired this Brigitte Bardot from France. “A guitar dealer friend of mine called me up and said: ‘I found one in a French music store. If you don’t want it, I’m calling Johnny Depp.’”  he tells us in our interview. “I said, ‘Yeah, okay, I’ll take it.’”

The guitar is an absolutely gorgeous one with its trapezoidal pickups, pickguard-mounted pickups and bridge, hinged aluminium ‘broom stick’ neck and an interchangeable headstock.

“It’s technically the best guitar there is,” Gary says proudly.

Check it out here:

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