In Pictures: Mono’s gigbags and equipment cases, explained

Peak opportunity to learn about the brand’s durable equipment cases.

Mono’s virtual booth at this year’s Live transported music-makers to an underground exhibition showcasing some of its best products. It was a peak opportunity to learn about the inner workings of the brand’s durable equipment cases.

If you haven’t yet navigated the virtual exhibit, here are just five highlights from Mono’s virtual booth.

Everyday carry for musicians

A sturdy backpack can go a long way if you’re a musician on the go – but sheer ruggedness isn’t all that defines a great EDC pack. Enter the FlyBy Ultra, unveiled by Mono at this year’s Live.

This pack combines the protective elements Mono cases are known for with useful organisation features capable of handling delicate audio equipment. There’s a detachable laptop bag, a wide array of pockets, ergonomic shoulder straps and loads more.

Learn all about it at Mono’s virtual booth.

Mono's virtual booth at Live

Minimal gigging

With some gigs, you just wanna chuck a guitar in a case, pack an instrument cable and a handful of picks, then get going. If this form of minimalist gigging appeals to you, then Mono’s Stealth Cases will do the trick. These gigbags have an ultra-slim profile with a top-loading design that lets you whip out your guitar in seconds. It doesn’t sacrifice on protection either, sporting a water-resistant Sharkskin shell.

Learn more at Mono’s virtual exhibit.

Mono's virtual booth at Live

On the shoulders of giants

Mono cases are also behind the scenes (and backs) of some of the biggest names in music. There’s certainly something reassuring about knowing that your favourite players trust the brand with their prized instruments, too. Head on over to the About Mono section of the virtual exhibit to find out who’s strapping Mono.

Learn more at Mono’s virtual booth.

Mono's virtual booth at Live

Never go out of style

Mono’s virtual exhibit wouldn’t be complete without a section dedicated to the classic M80 case. No matter where you are in the world, you’re bound to spot these on the backs of working musicians commuting between home, gigs, studios or school. Their resistance to the elements make them a steadfast touring companion: you may get roughed up, soaked in rain and smothered in dirt, but your instrument won’t.

Get to know this case at Mono’s virtual booth.

Mono's virtual booth at Live

Carbon fibre pedalboards

A section of Mono’s virtual booth was dedicated to its ultra-sleek pedalboards, which are fashioned out of 100 per cent carbon fibre. These modern ’boards offer an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, making them ideal gigging companions.

Check all three sizes of these out at the Mono virtual booth.

Mono's virtual booth at Live

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[Ed’s note: Mono and are owned by BandLab Technologies.]