In Pictures: Taylor Guitars’ body shapes, V-Class Bracing and more explained

The brand’s virtual space at Guitar.com Live was a celebration of the acoustic guitar.

Taylor's Booth at Guitar.com Live
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Taylor’s virtual booth at this year’s Guitar.com Live was an imaginative celebration of the acoustic guitar. If you didn’t stop by to take a closer look, however, you might have missed out on a wealth of information surrounding the storied American guitar builder – but there’s still time to check out the exhibition.

Here are five highlights from the virtual space.

What are the differences between Taylor’s body shapes?

According to Taylor, there are just two simple things to keep in mind when picking an acoustic guitar whose shape is right for you: it has to be a good physical fit and a good musical fit. A particular body shape could be just a fraction of an inch away from being comfortable to hold and play. Likewise, the right shape will do wonders helping you pull off the sound you might be gunning for – and that’s not even going into the tonewoods.

Taylor has five full-sized body shapes – Grand Concert, Grand Auditorium, Grand Pacific, Grand Symphony and Grand Orchestra – that vary considerably in volume, size and tone. What are their differences? Find out in the Find Your Fit section of Taylor’s exhibit.

Check it out here.

Taylor at Guitar.com Live Find Your Fit

What about the new Taylor GT?

You might notice a body shape missing from the aforementioned five: the Taylor GT, or Grand Theater. That’s because the brand-new body shape has a whole section of the virtual exhibition devoted to it.

This new category of acoustic guitars – larger than a Grand Symphony but more compact than a Grand Concert – offers the playability of a small-scale instrument with a fuller sound than you’d expect from an instrument of its size. You can also watch a demo of the guitar in the same zone, and, if you really want to learn the ins and outs of the new class of acoustics, here’s Andy Powers and Bob Taylor going through the luthiery details.

Check out the Taylor GT space here.

Taylor at Guitar.com Live Taylor GT

Environmental impact

What has Taylor been doing in the way of sustainability? Quite a lot, actually. From figuring out how to turn wood from unwanted city trees into high-grade guitars, to becoming the co-owners of an ebony mill in Cameroon and hiring locals, the brand has detailed some of their biggest sustainability efforts in a section of their virtual booth.

Check it out here.

Taylor at Guitar.com Live Sustainability

What are Taylor’s most prized models?

A virtual guitar exhibition wouldn’t be complete without some eye candy. At this year’s Guitar.com Live, the brand put the spotlight on the Taylor GT, Builder’s Edition instruments and the American Dream series. Much of what makes these guitars special isn’t only in how they look – you’ll definitely want to jump into the videos to learn more about their backstories.

Check it out here.

Taylor at Guitar.com Live Spotlight Guitars

What is V-Class Bracing?

It’s one of Taylor’s more recent triumphs, but what is it about V-Class Bracing that makes an acoustic guitar the best it can be? This, and all other questions about this ingenious bracing method are answered in Taylor’s virtual booth, too.

Check it out here.

Taylor at Guitar.com Live V-Class Bracing

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