NAMM 2022: The dazzling and bewildering guitars on display from day two

NAMM 2022’s show floor in pictures is a gear enthusiast’s dream.

The NAMM Show 2022 has so far included some truly exciting guitar and pedal announcements from some of the industry’s leading brands.

With day two now wrapped, we’ve wrapped up some of the highlights from the show floor in pictures, which you can check out below for a dose of Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

Metallica’s guitars on display at the ESP booth

Kirk Hammett's ESP on display

James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett appear to have loaned their ESP signature models for this year’s exhibition, giving fans a chance to get up-close at this year’s NAMM.

Fascinating six-strings at the boutique exhibitor’s display

Verso Instruments B-Guitar

Verso Instruments’ absolutely insane B-Guitar steals the show at the boutique exhibitors display. Speaking to Guitar.com late last year, Robin Stummvoll of Verso Instruments compared his approach to Leo Fender, saying, “Build something efficient, simple, and functional. [Leo] was ingenious enough and I was lucky enough that both results sounded good!”

Bacci Guitars

Italian guitar makers Bacci Guitars’ all-cream display was one of the visually satisfying sights on the floor.

Diego Vila Pola

Spanish guitar makers Diego Vila Guitars have brought along their rather gorgeous pre-distressed Pola guitar, this time sporting a whammy bar and four single-coil pickups instead of the model’s normal handwound mini Humbucker set.

Ava Guitars

Ava Guitars have opted for an art piece incorporating carbon fibre weave for this year’s exhibition. No word on if this gold guitar is playable, but a description for the piece reads in part, “AVA shapes carbon fibre as a medium of expression, challenging new and endless possibilities, highlighting technical progress by showing that evolution may bring about a deeply organic and meaningful extension of individuality.”

ESP’s Exhibition Limited line-up

ESP‘s Exhibition Limited’s line includes some out of this world guitars like their carved wolf-shaped guitar, but the rest of the guitars in the collection are also visually stunning statement pieces that promise to be the centrepiece of a gig. Comprising 18 hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind guitars all made in Japan, the guitars also have specifically created hardware elements like bridges, tailpieces, pickup rings, pickup covers and more.

Chibson’s The Centaur Of Attention

It may have begun as a joke, but Chibson is back with the big boys showing off some functional (if not necessarily the most ergonomic) guitars in shapes no one ever thought was possible. It’s almost too bad their iconic – or perhaps iconoclastic – headstock shape body wasn’t on display.


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