Check out Scott Holiday’s Kauer Super Chief aka ‘La Donna Rossa’

Find out what the mysterious slider switches on this guitar do.

Scott Holiday's Kauer Super Chief aka ‘La Donna Rosso’

All images: Eleanor Jane

Scott’s latest squeeze is the result of a conscious decision to move away from solidbody electrics. “I wanted to play a lot more semi-hollows and 335-type guitars,” he explains. “This guitar that Doug built me – I love the shape and the aesthetic and his quality is second to none. This guitar is essentially a copy of his personal one, with the colour and the pickups and all that. It was such a brand-new guitar that I needed to get it re-setup when it got to me, but after those little adjustments it became the Greatest. Instrument. Ever.

“It had something that was really, really inspiring. Even when Dave Cobb picked it up – who is this guitar snob, over the line! – he went, ‘This is the best guitar you have. This is maybe the best new guitar I’ve ever played. There’s songs in this thing.’

“I ended up using that all over the Feral Roots record. It’s quite a Swiss army knife. There’s WolfeTone KauerBuckers under the screens and Doug puts in a thing that allows you to split the coil, flip the phase, and it’s got like a cocked wah… that’s what those little toggles do.

“Instead of picking up different guitars for different parts on the record, or for doubling to be texturally different, this guitar was different enough that I could go, ‘What if I keep it in the middle, flip the phase, turn it down a little bit? That’s an entirely different sound.’ It’s great, a really trusty guitar! Everybody go buy a Super Chief, they’re killer. All those shitty guitars? Go sell those and buy one of these! [laughs]”

Check out our interview with Scott Holiday here.

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