Gear Of The Year 2017: Electric Guitars under £1,000

If you’re looking for a serious instrument on a budget, you won’t go far wrong with any of these…


Fender Duo-Sonic HS

• Price £509
Reviewed December 2016
Contact Fender EMEA 01342 331700

Fender brought back the classic 1956 body shape of the original Duo-Sonic for this affordable reinvention of the company’s much-loved student model.


The resulting guitar mashes together the best of the Duo-Sonic’s many iterations over the years – with the ultra-playable 24-inch scale neck and Custom Colour vibe of the golden era meeting a rock-ready hardtail bridge and Duo-Sonic humbucker – all put together by the dependable folks at Fender Mexico.

Plug in a fuzz pedal, turn up the volume and get lost in an ocean of glorious grungey fun.
We said “Modern-day noiseniks and old-school fans of the Seattle sound will love this; it’s more robust than vintage examples, too”.

Highly Commended

Chapman ML3 Pro Traditional

• Price £769
Reviewed October 2017
Contact Andertons Music 01483 456777

We said “With its lovely neck, ergonomic body design and custom appointments, this is a truly impressive T-type for the modern player that genuinely offers something different”.

Revelation RTJ60M TL


• Price £289
Reviewed May 2017
Contact Sutherland Trading 02920 887333

We said “With features inspired by several classics, this cheap and toneful offset semi covers a lot of ground in the studio and on the road”.

Shergold Masquerader SM01-SD

• Price £765
Reviewed July 2017
Contact Barnes & Mullins 01691 652449

We said “A true rock guitar in vintage-vibed clothing, with tones that go from full-on hard rock to fat blues all the flick of a selector switch”.

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