My Guitar Story: Lonely The Brave’s Mark Trotter on his Fender Stealth Esquire

Mark Trotter of British rock band Lonely The Brave tells about his beloved Fender Esquire made by master builder John English.

My Guitar Story

In the second installment of our new series, Mark Trotter tells about his beloved, John English-made, Fender Esquire. Named the Stealth Esquire due to its hidden neck and middle pickups under the pickguard, it’s a much more versatile guitar than it looks.

A huge fan of Telecasters for the duration of his career, Trotter utilised a Nash T-52 fitted with Lollar pickups on his early work. Despite it being a great guitar, he admits he continued to lust after “the real thing”, which was only exacerbated by the Nash’s thin, modern neck profile.

A huge fan of Jeff Buckley, Trotter stumbled across this masterbuilt Esquire at his local music shop, Coda Music in Stevenage, and despite the price tag he couldn’t pass on the opportunity to own it.

In this episode of MGS, he discusses the work of master builder John English and his list of esteemed customers, the secret versatility of the Stealth Esquire, and how the guitar appears on every Lonely The Brave record and all around the globe. This is Mark Trotter’s Guitar Story.

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