Watch: Richard Hawley on Fylde Guitars and Nashville tuning

Here he talks using octave tuning, handmade acoustics and Horcruxes.

We sat down with Richard Hawley prior to the release of his acclaimed album, Further, to talk through his guitar collection and the process of recording his new album.

Here he talks about discovering Fylde acoustics via John Smith and plays his very own model, the Fylde Alexander. This is one of three Fylde models that Hawley owns, strung using the octave strings from a 12-string guitar. The guitar was built with Hawley’s desired tuning in mind.

Hawley met with Roger Fylde prior to receiving his model, stating that it made him aspire to be a luthier if he wasn’t already a musician. “I met Roger, we got on great. I fell in love with him and his missus Moira, they’re just beautiful souls. It’s like that Harry Potter film, y’know where they’ve got Voldemort. It’s like a Horcrux, he puts a piece of his soul in… Roger’s made thousands of guitars and he has a piece of his soul all over the world.”

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Richard Hawley’s new album, Further, is out now. Visit richardhawley.co.uk for more information.

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