Watch: Richard Hawley plays ‘Careless Love’ by Big Bill Broonzy on his 1936 Gibson L-Century

The Sheffield native talks his Dad's J-200, Martin Simpson and Open D tuning

In part five of our interview series with Richard Hawley he sits down with his beloved circa 1936 Gibson L-Century.

Built between 1933 and 1941, it was made in conjunction with the Chicago-held World’s Fair that was commemorating the “Century of Progress”, an attempt to kick-start the economy during the crisis of the Great Depression.

Hawley acquired the guitar via his neighbour and friend Martin Simpson who helped him on his journey to find a guitar that was “as good as my Dad’s old J-200 that got stolen.”


Hawley reveals that Simpson initially tried to steer him towards a more modern acoustic, but his determination to find an old Gibson acoustic resulted in him discovering this wonderful L-Century.

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