“Bassists and drummers are obsolete!” Jared Dines gives his verdict on the Spark amp

In a light-hearted infomercial-style video, the popular YouTuber doesn’t hold back when giving his endorsement of Positive Grid’s Spark – “The coolest amp that money can buy”.

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Popular YouTuber Jared Dines has joined the scores of guitarists who are singing the praises of Positive Grid’s revolutionary new Spark amp, but has done so in textbook off-the-wall fashion with a new infomercial-style video showing off the incredible features of the desktop amp.

Spark has been an essential bit of kit for guitar fans all over the world since its launch in late 2019. The realities of the changing world mean we’re all spending more time than we’d like playing by ourselves, and Spark offers a high-quality way to have fun at home with your guitar while gigs and jam sessions are off the table. Enter then, “The coolest amp that money can buy.”

“Spark will not only jam along with you but will allow you to jam along to Spotify, Apple Music and more,” Dines enthuses in the video. “Spark has this really cool built-in speaker that allows you to blend your guitar and play along with any song you want! And when you pick difficult songs, Spark will even allow you to loop difficult sections and reduce the tempo – that sure is easier than without a Spark amp!”

Another useful feature that Dines pulls out is Spark’s ability to analyse the chords that you’re playing with and create a bespoke bass and drums backing track for you to jam along with – as Jared jokingly adds, “Bassists and drummers are obsolete!”

Dines also extols the virtues of the fact that Spark is based on the same architecture as Positive Grid’s pro-level BIAS software, giving you over 10,000 different tones and effects to play with from the ToneCloud community – something that comes in handy when the guitarist is rapidly switching tones on the fly during his hugely popular Twitch streams.

The Spark app’s ability to get deep into editing presets and parameters of Spark’s myriad amps and effects options also comes in for high praise, with Dines exclaiming, “You can adjust any tone or effect that your shreddy little heart desires! Imagine having any guitarist’s tone right at the tip of your fingers without having to put in the years of blood, sweat and tears that went into crafting it! Less frustration, more shredation!”

Obviously, Dines is having fun with the video, but it’s clear that he’s not exaggerating when it comes to the qualities of the Spark amp, putting in a jokey disclaimer at the end, “I really do enjoy the product and use it all the time – even if they weren’t paying me to make this video, it’s a really good quality product, and I’d recommend all my friends buy it… if I had friends!”

As Dines’ jaw-dropping shredding throughout the video demonstrates, the tones and versatility of Spark stand up to the most rigorous examination – it’s easy to see why Positive Grid has sold over 100,000 units in its first year.

So, are you ready to pick up a Spark of your own? Get a great deal on your Spark amp at positivegrid.com/spark.

To find out more about Spark and order yours, click here.

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