You Ask: What are my wireless options for home guitar rigs?

Tired of tripping over instrument leads? It might be time for 'shorter' cables.

This query comes from Laurence Calder, who wants to find out how to set up a wireless guitar rig at home.

Laurence asks: “Hi there, as a new reader, I would like to see a feature on wireless guitar systems – particularly for home use. I seem to have leads everywhere and I worry about dragging my Les Paul over with the vulnerability of the headstock!”

Smooth Hound Classic Wireless System
Smooth Hound’s Classic Wireless Guitar System. Image: Smooth Hound Innovations


An interesting conundrum Lawrence – most companies market their wireless systems for on-stage use, but in the modern connected home, wireless guitar systems might actually be more widely useful in that setting. After all, what’s the point in being able to control your amp or pedalboard from your phone if you’re tripping over cables left and right?

There are loads of wireless options out there, at various prices, but check out Line 6’s Relay G10 system if you want something simple, reliable, sturdy and very affordable, while Smooth Hound’s Classic Wireless Guitar System fits a similar bill. In an ideal world, it’d be great to see a small, affordable Bluetooth-enabled wireless guitar system designed for home use – so, gear companies, start your engines!

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