Monday, May 27, 2019

Acoustic Guitars

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Furch adds two high-end acoustics to its Red Series

Boutique tonewoods and arresting decorative elements.

Lowden launches Wee Lowden Jazz model

The WL-35J features exotic tonewoods and enhanced playability.

Yamaha’s FG Red Label Acoustic line marries vintage design with modern...

Inspired by the Japanese brand’s folk guitars from the 60s.


Review: Martin D-28 Modern Deluxe

Martin’s Modern Deluxe series seamlessly combines the classic with the cutting edge. Can an industry standard be reinvented?

Review: Sheeran by Lowden W02 & S04 acoustics

Lowden teaming up with Ed Sheeran on a new range of affordable acoustic instruments was the biggest story of NAMM 2019. We check out a pair of guitars from the new signature brand.

Review: Eastman Double Top Series DT30D

Double-top soundboards were a major innovation in the classical-guitar world, and now Eastman has brought them into the steel-string realm. But what does it mean for tone and dynamics?

Buyer's Guides

12 best premium acoustic guitars

If you’re uncompromising about your acoustic-guitar tone and construction, check out these dozen models that we consider the best in class.

Essential Guides

A history of CF Martin & Co, an American institution

How did one company founded by a German immigrant become an American icon and the world's preeminent maker of acoustic guitars?

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All about… Torrefaction

All about… Acoustic Strings

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