Friday, March 22, 2019

Acoustic Guitars

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Cort debuts Gold Mini acoustic guitar

A travel-sized version of the Gold-D6.

Configure your own Furch Rainbow acoustic with this new online tool

This web tool aims to simplify the customisation and ordering process.

Cort launches Bevel Cut Collection

These new acoustic models feature an “ergonomic” beveled cutaway.


Review: Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster

A flexible new hybrid that dovetails with the needs of modern guitarists, or a clever way to sell Telecasters to the buoyant acoustic market? Time to put Fender’s big NAMM 2019 launch under the microscope…

Taylor 2019 Grand Pacific Models Review

After 45 years at the cutting edge of modern acoustic manufacturing, do Andy Powers’ new Grand Pacific guitars see Taylor wind back the clock and deliver more vintage-inspired tones?

Lowden F32 Review

If you’ve always liked the vibe of Lowden’s O-shape acoustics, but are looking for a more compact instrument, an F model may just prove to be the perfect fit instead.

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Essential Guides

A history of CF Martin & Co, an American institution

How did one company founded by a German immigrant become an American icon and the world's preeminent maker of acoustic guitars?

All About… Frets

All about… Torrefaction

All about… Acoustic Strings

DIY Workshop

DIY Workshop: Martin Guitar Kit Part Eight

We took advantage of the summer weather to finally bring our acoustic build project to a close. Huw Price applies the finishing touches…