Sunday, March 24, 2019

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PRS announces limited run of SE Tremonti Standard in Europe

This special edition features zebra bobbins and hand-signed back plates.

Kay Guitars unveils reissues of Barney Kessel signature models

Recreations of three jazz guitars from the 50s.

Framus unveils Diablo II Supreme X Masterbuilt and Diablo II Pro...

These beasts will be available from July.


Review: Maybach JazPole 63

This attention-grabbing offset isn’t as far removed from Maybach’s Lester models as you might think… but can it bridge the gap between the big F and the big G?

Review: Gretsch G6620T Players Edition Nashville Center Block Double-Cut

Gretsch’s recent resurgence proves that you can visit new places without losing your accent. Meet the company’s latest blend of vintage style and modern reliability…

Review: Gibson 2019 Les Paul Standard & SG Standard

Although a new Standard line with vintage stylings is on its way, these ‘transitional’ 2019 Gibsons are in stores now. Should you buy now, or hold tight?

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Four new electric and acoustic guitars: March 2019

Our favourite new guitar announcements, releases and rumours of the past month.
Empress Zoia

The weirdest gear at NAMM 2019

Essential Guides

An oral history of the Gibson Les Paul

Gibson’s Les Paul signature model eventually came to define the sound of rock music – a role it still delights in to this day. Yet its design was a protracted process, with many twists and turns. Here, we present its story first-hand, both from its creators and its most famous players…

All About… Doc Kauffman

Roger Rossmeisl Rickenbacker

All About… Roger Rossmeisl

DIY Workshop

DIY Workshop: Greco Goldtop Conversion Part Eight

Find out how to simulate lacquer checking and to convincingly age metal and plastic Les Paul parts, as our Greco Goldtop conversion project reaches its conclusion.