Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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NAMM 2019: Is John Mayer about to release a new guitar...

The singer-songwriter released a teaser today via Instagram.

NAMM 2019: Gibson reveals 50s and 60s Spec Les Paul Standards,...

A bold statement of intent from the new Gibson management.

NAMM 2019: Ernie Ball Music Man teases new John Petrucci Majesty...

This guitar is crowned by a gorgeous flame top.


Gretsch G6228 Players Edition Jet BT Review

This Gretsch Players Edition Jet combines timelessly cool vintage vibes with contemporary hardware and redesigned pickups for modern players.

Fender American Performer Stratocaster and Telecaster Review

Fender overhauls its most affordable USA-made instruments for 2019 with new pickups, a fresh lick of paint and plenty more besides.

Vintage Bench Test: 1964 Gibson Firebird VII

Like the V and Explorer before it, Gibson’s 60s Firebird range was a radical rethink of the possibilities of guitar design. Of the many Firebirds over the years, the VII is regarded as the pinnacle.

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Our favourite new guitar announcements, releases and rumours of the past month.
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Essential Guides

All About… The Fender Jazzmaster rhythm circuit

The Jazzmaster’s rhythm circuit has been maligned and misunderstood over the years – they’re far more than just ‘mud’ switches if you know how to use them.

All About… Doc Kauffman

Roger Rossmeisl Rickenbacker

All About… Roger Rossmeisl

All About… Jimmie Webster

DIY Workshop

DIY Workshop: Greco Goldtop Conversion Part Eight

Find out how to simulate lacquer checking and to convincingly age metal and plastic Les Paul parts, as our Greco Goldtop conversion project reaches its conclusion.