10 of the Best Mini-Pedals

Shopping for mini and micro pedals? Here’s a selection of our favourites…

1) TC Electronic Ditto Looper

ditto-looper-front small
Price £65
Contact www.tcelectronic.com
Looping doesn’t get much more intuitive than this. 24-bit uncompressed audio and unlimited overdubs mean you never have to stop playing along with yourself, while true-bypass and analogue dry-through mean that it won’t mess up your core tone.
Also try Hotone Skyline Series Wally Looper £79

2) TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Mini Reverb

hall-of-fame-mini-reverb-f copy small
Price £60

If you don’t have onboard amp ’verb and need only one reverb sound live, this is the ideal space-saving solution. Beam different reverbs in using TC’s TonePrint technology, or use the TonePrint Editor software to design your own custom sound.
Also try Mooer Spark Reverb £69

3) Mooer Mod Factory

mooer mod factory
Price £59
Contact www.mooeraudio.co.uk
Packing 11 modulation effects into one tiny pedal, this is a perfect way to have all those ‘once in a set’ effects on tap without spending considerably more on a sophisticated multi-effects unit. It won’t blow your mind, but it might save your bacon.
Also try TC Electronic The Dreamscape £129

4) Valeton Wave Shaker Vintage Tremolo

valeton wave shaker
Price £49
Contact www.valeton.net
With a sound based on the legendary Demeter Tremulator, itself modelled on Ry Cooder’s vintage Fender Twin, the Wave Shaker is aimed at fans of the throb of old-school amp tremolo, and is highly adjustable thanks to its quartet of controls.
Also try Mooer Trelicopter £49

5) TC Electronic Flashback Mini

flashback-mini-perspective small
Price £79
Contact www.tcelectronic.com
There are several TC pedals in this list for good reason. Factor in the flexibility of the TonePrint system and the sheer choice of delay sounds it gives you and this small box has big appeal.
Also try Hotone Tape Eko £59

6) Xotic EP Booster

Xotic ep booster
Price £115
Contact www.xotic.us
Based on the preamp circuit in the EP-3 Echoplex used by the likes of Jimmy Page and Eddie Van Halen, the EP Booster provides up to 20dB of sweet, beautifully-tuned boost, and is on more pro-level pedalboards than you can shake a stick at.
Also try TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster £60

7) Xotic SP Compressor

Price £129
Contact www.xotic.us
Using the same OTA (operational transconductance amplifier) technology as the legendary Ross compressor, the SP features a hugely useful dry blend control, plus up to 15dB of boost and an internal DIP switch to control the attack.
Also try Joyo Ironman Series Pipebomb Compressor £49

8) TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini

Price £60
Contact www.tcelectronic.com
Everybody needs a tuner, but nobody wants to devote too much precious pedalboard real estate to something so unglamorous. That said, with sleek design and polyphonic functionality, TC has almost managed to make the humble pedal tuner sexy. Almost…
Also try Mooer Baby Tuner £49

9) Dunlop Cry Baby Mini

Mini Cry Baby
Price £89
Contact www.westsidedistribution.com
With a full sweep range, a Fasel inductor and three voicings, the Cry Baby Mini is even more versatile than some of its bigger siblings and, thanks to true-bypass switching, it plays nice with other pedals, too.
Also try AMT WH-1 Japanese Girl Wah £75

10) Ibanez TS Mini Tube Screamer

Ibanez TS Mini small
Price £65
Contact www.headstockdistribution.com
The most imitated and cloned stompbox of all time finally became available in mini form this year, and it sounds pretty damn close to a TS808, too. Buy one, use it as a boost or full-on overdrive and find out what all the fuss is about.
Also try Keeley Red Dirt Overdrive Mini £109