10 new pedals and effects units: July 2019

Our favourite new stompbox announcements, releases and rumours of the past month.

Every month, we compile a few lists of gear that’s fresh out of the oven. Here’s one devoted to new guitar pedals.

Revv G2

Revv G2 drive pedal

Revv’s latest amp-in-the-box is G2. This pedal is a clone of the crunchy, touch-sensitive Green Channel found on the brand’s Generator amps. Revv touts G2 as its most versatile amp-like pedal yet, with a transparent, boost-like effect that can either enliven your cleans or spike your tone into creamy leads.

EarthQuaker Devices Life Pedal


EQD Life Pedal Top shot

Drone maestros Sunn O))) have joined forces with EarthQuaker Devices on the Life Pedal. This limited-edition drive box consists of three sides: an octave fuzz section modelled after Shin-Ei pedals, a distortion circuit inspired by ‘Whiteface’ ProCo Rats and a MOSFET booster designed to drive preamp tubes wild.

OBN Whitecap Asynchronous Dual Tremolo

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Whitecap

The latest release from Old Blood Noise Endeavors is the Whitecap Asynchronous Dual Tremolo. As you might’ve guessed, this unit boasts two trem circuits: analogue and digital. Both circuits can be deployed independently, but combining them – in either parallel or series – can produce otherworldly sounds.

Boss DD-200

Boss DD-200
The DD-200

The newly minted DD-200 takes its cues from Boss’ popular DD-500. This stomper is packed with 12 different delay modes composed of classics and more exotic choices. You’ll find familiar delay modes – such as analogue and modern digital – as well as interesting options like Tera and Pad echoes, Dual, Lo-Fi and a Ducking effect.

Fulltone CS-OCD-Ge


Fulltone CS-OCD-GE white background

Fulltone has given its famed OCD drive pedal the custom shop treatment and dubbed it the “ultimate OCD”. While older OCDs featured two MOSFETS and one germanium diode, the CS-OCD-Ge boasts an extra germanium diode. This modification, along with selected circuit tweaks, provides you with better definition, increased sustain and a more tube-like feel.

Becos Effects Mini One Pro Compressor

Becos Effects CompIQ Mini One Pro Compressor

A new member of the CompIQ range, this two-knob pedal is designed to provide studio-grade compression for both guitar and bass. Its internals are similar to larger CompIQ models, comprising a THAT Corp Analog Engine, an RMS-level sensor and a Blackmer voltage controlled amplifier (VCA).

Maxon OD808-40K

Maxon Keeley signed OD808-40K with toggle switch
The signed OD808-40K with a mod toggle switch

Earlier this year, Maxon celebrated the OD0808’s 40th anniversary with a limited run of 400 units. The Japanese brand has now roped in Robert Keeley for the OD808-40K, a modded OD808 with hotter overdrive. The Keeley mod, known as Max-Gain, intends to give you a stacked overdrive sound that still retains the OD808’s signature tone.

TheGigRig Wetter Box

TheGigRig Wetter Box

A condensed version of TheGigRig’s Wet Box, this compact tool lets you blend two effect pedals to your signal chain. In use, you connect effects to Wetter Box – via mono or stereo – and blend them with a central knob. The Wetter Box has two modes of operation: Blend and Mix. The former is able to crossfade Loop A with B, while the latter adds loop B to A.

Mooer GE300

Mooer GE300 hero

Expanding on the GE200’s feature set, Mooer’s GE300 arms you with a whopping 108 digital amp models, 43 IR-based cab sims and 164 effects. An interesting component of GE300 is its three-voice polyphonic synth module, which is touted to turn your guitar into a synth. What’s neat about the module’s voices is that you can tweak them according to waveform, pitch, filters and arpeggiators.

Dwarfcraft Gold Standard Eau Claire Thunder

This shiny stomper is a limited-edition version of Dwarfcraft’s flagship distortion pedal. The Gold Standard is stocked with germanium diodes and NOS Fairchild 2n5133 transistors, components which are designed to reduce gain. The result, as the brand claims, is a warmer circuit that’s more “woolly” than the original’s.

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