10 new pedals and effects units: June 2019

Our favourite new stompbox announcements, releases and rumours of the past month.

Pedal roundup June

Every month, we compile a few lists of gear that’s fresh out of the oven. Here’s one devoted to new guitar pedals.

1Keeley DDR

Keeley DDR

Unveiled back at NAMM 2019, Keeley’s DDR combines drive, delay and reverb into one stompbox. The DDR features two main channels: drive and wet. The former lets you select between lead and crunch OD flavours, while the latter offers you four reverb and delay selections.

2Meris Hedra

meris hedra text

Modelled after 90s studio rack units, Meris’ Hedra is a rhythmic pitch shifter that adds three distinct voices to your instrument. These voices can be modified by a Micro Tune control – for detuning and pitch correction – as well as a Key function which offers chromatic/key-based harmonies and selectable scales. Adding on to these capabilities are four delay matrices with tap tempo.

3Mattoverse Drone Tone MkIII

Mattoverse Drone Tone MkIII

Mattoverse has unveiled a pedal version of its Drone Tone square wave oscillator. This updated unit is stocked with the same glitchy sounds as its predecessors, but comes with additional features like onboard tap tempo, tempo sync input – zero to 5 volts – and top-mounted jacks.

4Prescription Electronics C.O.B

Prescription Electronics C.O.B
The C.O.B

Having folded in 2014, Prescription Electronics has now relaunched and is taking pre-orders for reissues of its original pedals. One of those is C.O.B (or Clean Octave Blend), a Jimi Hendrix-inspired octave fuzz designed to juice-up your lead tone. Set it right and you can even get sounds reminiscent of Tycobrahe’s iconic Octavia stomper.

5Zvex clear-cased Fuzz Factory

zvex fuzz factory

Zvex’s Fuzz Factory is arguably one of the more popular fuzz boxes around. This limited-edition variant is identical save for a transparent enclosure crafted from a durable material called Lexan. The clear-cased pedal also boasts a blue LED on/off footswitch, giving your pedalboard a unique glow.

6Ananashead Optotrem

Ananashead Optotrem

Fresh from Ananashead’s locker is the Optotrem, an all-analogue optical tremolo that aims to deliver warm and organic warbles. Onboard the pedal are rate, depth and wave controls, the latter of which arms you with three waveshapes: square, sine/rounded square and triangle.

7Flower Pedals Dandelion Tremolo V2

Flower Pedals Dandelion Tremolo V2

Flower Pedals’ latest stomper is an updated version of the Dandelion Tremolo. Like its forebear, version two arrives with the same range of warbly choices, but adds tap divisions, a ramp function, an ext/tap jack and dual mode. The latter lets you bounce a tremolo effect between two-speed settings.

8Lawrence Petross Design Seventy 4 Preamp

Lawrence Petross Design Seventy 4 preamp

LPD’s Seventy 4 Preamp is an overdrive pedal inspired by 70s Britsh amp sounds. The drive pedal is designed to add a bit of grit to your clean sound, with a dedicated presence knob letting you tweak the level of ‘sparkle’ in your mix. Other controls include a three-band EQ as well as level and gain knobs.

9Mad Professor Supreme

Mad Professor Matt Schofield Supreme overdrive

Mad Professor’s newest pedal is Supreme, a two-channel overdrive pedal jointly developed with blues maestro Matt Schofield. The two channels, A and B, are tuned to neck and bridge pickups respectively. Channel A is informed by the brand’s Royal Blue OD unit and can be deployed as a boost or low gain drive. Channel B, on the other hand, is touted as a new OD formulation, delivering beefy, dynamic tones with lots of headroom.

10Tonetuga Fx Clockwork MultiDriver

tonetuga fx clockwork multidriver

As its name suggests, this stomper aims to cover most of the drive spectrum from transparent treble boost to grainy distortion to fuzzed-out sustain. The pedal has three knobs – volume, tone and gain – which are designed to work in tandem with each other rather than independently. The pedal also boasts glitchy sounds, which can be produced by maxing gain and setting volume at ‘1 or 2’. You may also push volume to a ‘3’ to unleash a filtered, bit-crushed fuzz tone.

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