The best christmas gifts for guitarists according to Reverb’s experts

Looking for Festive ideas for the guitar-playing person in your life? Let the expert take the hassle out of your Christmas 2022 gift buying.

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If you play guitar, chances are you’ve bought or sold something on Reverb. Since its founding in 2013 the company has grown to become the world’s largest online marketplace dedicated to buying and selling new, used, and vintage musical instruments.

Now, buy and sell a lot of stuff on Reverb, and having an insight into that data means that the company’s in-house experts are better placed than pretty much anyone to see inside the mind of the guitar player and know the perfect gift for you to get for them this holiday season.

So that’s exactly what we did – we caught up with Reverb’s guitar expert Jim Tuerk and got him to select his perfect guitars, amps and pedals to buy your guitar-playing loved one (or indeed, yourself!) at two different price tiers, plus a bonus buy for the guitarist who has everything. So let’s not waste any time and hand it over to Jim!

Best Guitars To Buy For Christmas 2022

Best Affordable Guitar – PRS SE Silver Sky

PRS SE Silver Sky

John Mayer’s budget signature model, the PRS Silver Sky SE holds the number one best-selling guitar spot on Reverb for 2022, and that’s because of the tremendous value you get from the instrument.”

Best Mid-Priced Guitar – Epiphone Joe Bonamassa 1962 ES-335

Epiphone Joe Bonamassa 1962 ES-335

“The guitar market is teeming with vintage-inspired reissues, but the newest from Epiphone is as good as it gets for that mid-tier price point. I think of this less as a signature guitar, and more as Bonamassa as the curator of one of the world’s most amazing guitar collections – dipping in to pick out true gems. Kudos to him and the Gibson/Epiphone teams for making them affordable for us vintage guitar lovers.”

Best Guitar For The Person Who Has Everything

Fender Bass VI
Fender Bass VI

“Last year, musicians around the world binged on Get Back and realized two things: The Beatles had as many dysfunctional rehearsals as our own bands have, and the Fender Bass VI was infinitely cool. A year later, the offset love child of the Jazzmaster and Jazz Bass is just as inspiring an instrument, and one to grab if you’re someone who has everything. With deals to be had this holiday season on new and used Squier Classic Vibe Bass VI, it’s a great time to buy. Optional extra: swap in an aluminium Electrical Guitar Company neck and some new pickups: that’s my plan!”

Best Guitar Amps To Buy For Christmas 2022

Best Affordable Guitar Amp – Positive Grid Spark Mini

Positive Grid Spark Mini
Image: Adam Gasson

“The Positive Grid Spark Mini was released earlier this year, and the reports from my touring friends tell me that this portable amp has been loads of fun on the road.”

Best Mid-Price Guitar Amp – Milkman The Amp

Milkman Sound The Amp

Milkman’s The Amp changed my life a couple years ago, and I continue to sing its praises. In an apartment with sleeping babies all around, I retreated into my headphones. With so many options for on-the-desk amps, this one still stands out to me. It sounds and feels so much like a real amp — because it is!”

Best Guitar Amp For The Person Who Has Everything – Benson Vinny Combo

Benson Vinny Combo
Image: Benson Amps

“You have everything, eh? Well, do you have the best sounding amp being made today? You could give that best-of award to any of the Benson Amps, but there’s some magic in the point-to-point 5-watt 1×10 known as the Vinny. So simple, yet such a monster tone!

Best Effects Pedals To Buy For Christmas 2022

Best Affordable Pedal – Earthquaker Devices Special Cranker

EarthQuaker Devices Special Cranker
Image: EarthQuaker Devices

“We’ve seen a swarm of sub-$100 pedals hit the market in recent years, and two of my favourites are the EarthQuaker Devices Plumes (The number one best-selling pedal under $100 on Reverb, followed by the ProCo Rat), and their latest, the Special Cranker. This distortion dirt-box is an update to the original one-knob Speaker Cranker—one of my first EQD pedals—with all the gritty, kinda-tubey saturation and more controls. Turn it on, leave it on.

Best Mid-Priced Pedal – Heather Brown Electronicals Sensation Fuzzdrive

Heather Brown Electronicals Sensation Fuzzdrive
Image: Heather Brown Electronicals

“Heather Brown is a small-batch boutique builder who just can’t stop making killer pedals—and sometimes can’t make them fast enough to keep up with soaring demand! I first fell in love with her Blessed Mother, and the latest Sensation Fuzzdrive is just as awesome. Blend the fuzz and overdrive circuits, hit the toggles, and find what moves you.”

Best Pedal For The Person Who Has Everything – Chase Bliss Habit

Chase Bliss Audio Habit Echo Collector

“Earlier this year, there was a month where four insanely great new delay pedals dropped—the Line 6 DL4 MKII, the BOSS RE-202 and RE-2 Space Echoes, and the eccentric and wildly fun Chase Bliss Habit. The Habit is like no other, though—it throws your signal through a spinning wheel of fate and lets you play along. Dial back the randomness and use it as a sketchpad, pulling phrases from a minute or two ago to blend with the texture of now.”

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